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    Is there a way to extract the fixture personality file from the desk / onPC?
    There's a tiny issue with a fixture I'm using that could be solved by changing some values...

    I'm able to find the XMLP files in the onPC folders, but the Fixture Builder won't accept that.


    That's by default, when you just store to executor, when there's already two or more cues.

    True, but if you're working on cues in a different order that doesn't work.


    ... or just set up a default times? Trigger and times can be changed in Cues view for multiple cues at once.

    If it would just follow the previous cues it would be an act less particular for Trigger options... That's what I ment.

    For the other comments; you're right, it would be confusing when the numeric keys won't be able to access the default object.
    About the Main Executor it would be nice having the option in settings. Not to mandatory everyone using it :)

    I've found this kind of a bug (I think)...

    Suppose I've got a Cue list with 10 cues in them, the 5th cue is active.
    When editing the 5th cue, some of my fixtures suddenly take another weird position into nowhere. For sure not a position that I used in any cue or preset before...
    Actually it doesn't matter if the editing cue is active or not... I'm even sure there's nothing tracked or stored in this cue relating the position of these fixtures.

    Any knowledge of this by chance?

    PS.: After saving or clearing the edit all goes back to normal again.

    The ideas just keep coming, sorry guys if I bother you with them, but it would be great to have:

    - A Main executer separated per page option in setup. It's kinda tricky and even serious brainwork running a 600 cue show on one fader, no?
    - If you store a cue on an existing cue you'll get the option Merge / Remove / Overwrite. The option to make a new cue with, for example, an auto increase remember when set on the given cue number would be a brain-saver.
    - When storing a new cue after an existing one it would be nice to takeover the settings like Trig, Fade, Out Fade and Out Delay from the previous cue. Always a time saver.
    - If you've selected a value from a cue in the cuelist, for example the Fade option, just using the numeric keys on the console to change the value other than pressing the scroll encoder each time it would even save more time :)
    - The option to set a cue off after it's first run instead of having the endless loop
    - Kinda nitpicking: the mouse scroll doesn't work in the cue list on the external screen

    Would be even a greater desk imho :)

    - Caps lock option would be great
    - A larger timecode window for the external screen
    - If you pick a group of fixtures, change the position and then want to pick some fixtures of the group true the keypad (for example 1+4) you get the fixtures screen instead of staying on the position tab.
    Resulting you to select the position tab again. That's kind of annoying if you'll have to do this multiple times