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    As can be seen in this video, men shoot white color bombs that fade out nicely.
    None of the lights were on before. How do I implement it when I have lamps that already have values, as an example a row of 10 LED Pars is permanently red. Now I want to shoot a white color bomb here, which first makes all the lamps white and then turns red again from the inside out. If I now make the lamps yellow, then the same thing... first everything is white, then yellow again from the inside out.

    So far I can only realize that the lamps become white, then darken from the inside out, then switch to red. The 1st cue has white, the 2nd has nothing saved...

    Does somebody has any idea?

    Hi, I have 8 x Stairville Show Bar TriLED 18x3W RGB available for a light job, which I want to place on the edge of the stage. So 8 pieces in a row from bottom left to top (2x), then over top right (4x) and top right to bottom (2x). Seen from the FOH place. So a nice upside down "U". I have patched the lamps and placed them in 3D so that I can run a nice chaser in series.

    Now I am lacking the inspiration. What would be cool effects here? At first I thought about using an external pixel software, but I want to do everything with MA3! Do you have any tips for me on how to make chasers?

    The show bars are "of course" in 54-channel mode :)…d_18x3w_rgb.htm



    Hello all. I have also been looking for a small pc for the gMA3 program. I have a onPC command Wing and 2 touchscreens. I have now decided for a ZOTAC ZBOX CI642 nano (barebone), which I will upgrade with 2 x 16 GB RAM.…rebone#overview

    After my consideration the program should run well on it. Maybe someone can confirm this for me briefly. The computer hardware sector is growing too fast for me to keep up.

    Best regards



    I have chosen a ZOTAC ZBOX CI642 nano and can confirm that the MA3 software runs flawlessly with it. I run 2 x 22" touchscreens with it. 2 external midi controllers (Midicraft), which communicate with MA3 via Showcockpit via osc. The Zotac has 2 x 16GB memory and has no fans, so I put 2 fans on the left and right rear to have a directional airflow and to dissipate the heat. I am very happy with the overall setup. Thanks for your inspiration.

    PS: The "Case" is brand self-made, is here and there a little unclean processed, but it serves its purpose. Unfortunately also quite heavy, but I accept that so.

    Thank you very much for the answers. That sounds very interesting. I'm just getting acquainted with my new gMA3 onpc Comand Wing, learning the new software and was just wondering how to implement a sensible split for a completely flexible show. I also think that you have to work with cue lists, master speeds etc a lot. Distributed over several pages. I will try out some things. guiri: I have seen your course, that could certainly be interesting for me again. Thank you very much.

    Greetings from Hamburg germany

    Ich lese hier mal mit, habe mir ebenfalls ein Midicon 1 von Elation gebraucht bestellt, es müsste morgen kommen. Ich habe auch vor, es so gut es geht in die dot2 MA software oder baldiges upgrade auf grandMA3 software zu integrieren.

    Klingt ja schon interessant, was hier geschrieben wurde.