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    Depends on what the act is. If you know for sure that what ever is happening on stage is going to DEFINITELY stick to the time code then it will be fine to leave it as one line. However I find that redundancy is best, afterall anything could happen. Breaking your songs down into seperate timecodes is always safer, it'll give you flexibility to work around unexpected breaks between pieces.

    I would recommend having both options available to you. Break down the songs but keep the original timecode just in case.

    Hmm... This is odd, I've never had any issues throwing my user profile around between shows. Did you make sure you profile export was up to date? MA won't automatically update the export as you make changes to your view pool.

    If this issue persists, you could always just duplicate the show file your happy with the views in, start a new data pool, start a new stage in the patch, and this will pretty much reset your file without touching anything in your user profile. You'll also need to delete all the fixtures out of the "fixture types" section off the patch if you truly wish to start fresh with fixtures as well. I know it's messy but it should have a similar effect.

    Impprting lots of or big 3d objects and set pieces can tend to put more stress on MAs 3D engine.

    However you should be able find a combination of rendering settings in the 3d window configurations tab that will allow the vis to run a little smoother. Often switching the beam quality to simple will boost performance. Making sure you have "ray traceable" and "cast shadows" turned off for fixtures and objects in the patch when it is not necessary, can sometimes boost 3d performance as well. When your not outputting any dmx or artnet to any real fixtures switching on "3d priority" can also reduce lag and up framerates. This option can be switched on in the "configuration" section for the 3d window (accessed by tapping the "ma" icon in the top left-hand corner of the window). IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT RUN THIS OPTION IF YOU ARE USING REAL FIXTURES.

    Worth noting that all adjustments made in the "configuration" section of your window will be saved in whatever view pool object you may store the 3d window to. Alternatively, you can export your configurations for easy recall when using them down the line in other showfiles. This concept applys for all windows in GMA3.

    Hope this helps John ;)

    If your not using tracking you could merge the cues from sequence 1 and 2 into a cue in sequence 3 via the syntax commands:

    "copy sequence 1 cue 1 at sequence 3 cue 1 please" (and)

    "copy sequence 2 cue 1 at sequence 3 cue 1 please"

    - then selecting the option to "merge" the second copy into the now pre-existing cue on sequence 3.

    If not this way you can pull values from a cue into the active programmer via simply "editing" the cue ("edit sequence [] cue [] please").

    Hope this is helpful :)

    Hey Everyone,

    Just wondering if it is possible to preload a cue using either the skip back/forwards or go+/- executor handles WITHOUT actually activating the sequence. Or if there is another way of achieving a similar result that would be sweet. I am aware that it is possible to "load" a specified cues when using the console's syntax but this isn't terribly convenient when busking a show.


    Hey everyone!

    I am having an issue with one of my show files in which the default open colour for a Martin Quantum Profile is a 3200k CTO and not open white. HOWEVER, this is only occurring in the GMA3's onboard 3D visualiser window, the console is outputting the quantum's open colour correctly to the real fixture. According to my fixture sheet window, no stray colour values are parked and there is no evidence of any 'CTO' colour values being outputted. I have imported Martin Aura XB's into the file, and there open colour is cool white in the visualiser as expected, vastly contrasting the quantums. This issue dose not change when loading the show into the on PC software but does not occur in any of my other GMA3 show files EITHER. I can not for the life of me figure out why this is happening.

    I first noticed this after I loaded my show directly from version 1 into upon updating my console. After gradually importing bits of the troublesome show into a fresh file, the issue seemed to load into the new file with my data pools, perhaps in particular the presets but I am not certain.

    I have attached a photo of a row of quantums with NO colour values being outputted (only dimmer), again of course the real light does no behave like this as the desk is not physically outputting this information however I still have no idea where it's coming from. Any help with the matter would be much appreciated! ;)