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    Hey, I have two question:

    first, are the invert option in the MAtricks work the same as in the recipe line? My Problem: I tried to make a universal symmetrical circle, it works pretty well if I use Wings = 2, InvertWings on and InvertStyle set to P+T on a any selection, then I go to the Phaser Editor select all step and move the handles to create a circle, no problems here, but If I create a universal circle effect (not symmetrical!) and I use it in a recipe line e.g. in a sequence and use the preset and set the Wings to two, InvertSytle to P+T and InvW (InvertWings) to yes it does not the same as it would if I do it manually:

    ^ Does not work

    ^ Does Work

    Second question: will the MAtricks do the calculations so the phase is equally spread across the fixtures in the near future? Because now phase 0 and 360 are the same in the MAtricks, which makes it harder to use recipes if you want an effect to be spread across equally.

    Hello everyone,

    Is there any easy option to create a bounce effect like you could in grandMA2? I the only way I could imagine doing it is by looping cues with the mirrored direction.

    Thanks for your answer! So what could I do If I want to change the form of the preset without ruining my programmer? Is it possible to activate a preset for example in a different programmer part, adjust it in there and store/update it? What commands would be necessary to achieve this?

    Hey, is it somehow possible to change the form of a phasers in a preset with the command line? It should do the same like the Select Form-Tool but be executable from a macro and change the form without activating the preset (If this is possible). I am looking for something like the effect object in MA2 where you can change the form between a low and high value.

    I was playing around with different Users and Screen configurations and I am not quite sure if I understood the correlation between the ScreenConfig and the User, so here is my understanding, please correct me if I am wrong: Every userprofile has its own screen configurations and for every user with the same userprofile the screenconfigs are the same. So if I have a additional user besides the existing ones and I use the default screenconfigs (Default, 3D, Remote) they will not be the same as for the default userprofile and the screen configurations will be completely seperated.

    Hello everyone,

    I want to use my views, which I build in a main show, in a different show, so first I tried just exporting the user profile from the show with the views and import it in a new one, this worked only for maybe 10 views but the rest did not got imported, I thought this was weird, because I expected that I could use all my view with ease since this is what you learn for example in the MA University. So next I tried my luck with the export and import keyword, the export of the views worked fine and the syntax was easy, but when I wanted to import these I could not import all at once, only one at a time, which is a very time intense procedure. So my question is first, why can't I use all my views when exporting the user profile and then importing it and second is there an easy method to import all my view I exported in the other show?

    Thanks in advance