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    Im thinking that if i can put a tempbutton on program time i can use this as "sneak" on an eos console, but i cant seem to be able to do that, anyone got a workaround?
    Also a thing i miss from cobalt is that when i press store i get to label my cue directly. I've been trying to create a macro for this, i've gotten close but that macro also needs you to type in which cue you want to store. I want to skip that step and store the closest free cue and label it directly.

    Hi, is there anyway to "sneak" a color without using a speedmaster?
    on cobalt you can press 5 + "color" and it will do a 5 second transition to the chosen color. and then drop the time so if i choose another color it will snap to it.

    Is store mode "look" implemented yet or am i doing something wrong.
    when i try storing cues after i have made changes on my groups using group masters nothing stores. i have tried changing from active to all to look, but nothing helps.
    please enlighten me on what to do.

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to pin an executor to a physical key so that even if i go to another page it will stay on the assigned physical executor.
    eg. i want the x9 key to have a macro on it that i can use on every page.

    kind regards Viktor