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    I have tested both ver and little bit mor in

    It felt that 1.6.3 was more stable regarding this subject than the later version.

    When playing around with both presets in the preset pool and playbacks, It feels that data can sometime "get stuck" in the programmer.

    I have notice that the stomp function changed in ver 1.6.

    comparing stomp then in 1.6.3 and leaves some question marks.

    You see. it is really hard to tell if it's working or not if there is a case where there maybe includes a bug.

    Just because the behaviour just appears from time to time.

    Hope this was to any help.

    I hope there will be an update during Juli now when the summer festivals kicks in.



    • Are you sure there is no relative information present in your Preset 1?



    Did you call the Preset 2 into the programmer? Or how did you activate Preset 2?

    I tried both programmer and store in a executor as described in the question.

    it does not matter. Same result.

    I also created a new show from scratch and tested this scenario.

    Exact same issue appears.


    (Notice that in GMa3 there are no action buttons yet)

    Ok. Thanks for info.


    I have some issues with presets being kicked out.

    Example 1:

    In the preset pool: Preset kicks 1 (single step Absolute value ) out preset 2 (relative circle effect).

    Example 2:

    An executor with preset 1 (single steb absolute value) stored. This executor kicks out the acivated preset 2 in the preset pool.

    Is this correct? if so, why? that means that i have to store everthing in exectors.

    In MA2 this was never a problem. I could have several REL effects going on in the programmer, then working simultaneously with executors.

    Thanks in advance



    I am programming without my program wing at the moment. (win onpc

    When press and hold the store button on screen, it refuses to show Store setting Dialog.

    When looking into the manual i cant fint any other short command to bring it up.

    This worked in ver 1.6 as i remember it.

    Is there any other that have the same experience?


    Any chance you had just unknowingly turned off SpeedMaster 16 (e.g. if you have it assigned to an executor and turned off the page on which that executor lives)? And then when you turned it on again was when it started working as expected?

    Thanks for Quick respond.

    Nope. The I am just using one page so the sm16 is on the same page as the effect playback.

    So I was using the SM meanwhile the issue. And

    I stayed on the same page when the issue was gone.

    If the case was about switching pages with unexpected results, I think I would noticed that.

    Can it be an issue that some SM staus checking is not activated when it should?

    As you saw above in this thread. There was another user that had a similar problem.




    Using Ver

    I discovered a problem todays work, when programming som dim effects..

    Goal was to record a cue on a playback which has a ref to speedmaster 16. (i use this SM for tapping bpm.)

    So after recording one cue and setup a speedmaster on another playback, everthing was working perfectly.

    After that i did some changes and did owerwrite the cue, but still using the reference to SM-16.

    Suddenly the link to SM 16 was broken.

    My playback did not react when changing SM 16. Now, i tried some diefferent workarounds with no results.

    Now i downloaded last version Nothing changes. Ref Link still not working.

    But... after a while, when i activating both Ratemaster ref to SM16 and Speedmaster Ref to SM16 in my playback settings.

    When i did this, the Link to SM16 was working again.

    Now i tried directly to remove the Ratemaster ref to SM 16. It still works.

    Now i tried to check another playback with the same ref to SM 16. This worked as well.

    So it feels that there is a Issue with the Referensing to SM, but after tweaking the playback reference (both rate and speed),

    you can make the link heal.

    Is there anyone else that have the same issue?



    Ok. Here are some reflections. Ver 1.7.2

    Store function stops working after a while. You can see store in the command line but it does not react when pressing a for example preset.

    The same goes for “step creator”

    You see step in CL. But it does not create any steps when pressing, for example a color preset.

    I will try it from a fresh start today and see when it stops working. But this all I know for now.


    Are layers gone in ver 1,7 (patch)? If not, where do I find it?




    I Watched the news about ver 1.7 and it is tempting to use it. There can be some useful advantages.

    But i am little bit anxious about Bugs Before a stable version.

    You see. There is going to be a bigger festival in August and i am just wondering if you guyz think that there is going to

    be a updated stable version until then.

    Have you tried Running the Clean start link from the start menu?

    Thank you for your opinons. you are probably right about the crash-and-broken-memory-to-last-saved-show-memory.

    I have tried to find that start link that you refered to, but i can't find it.

    Clicking on the "app_system" does not guide me eather.

    The manual says that there is a file called "grandMA3 onPC x.x.x.x Clean Start ", but i can not find a exutable file with that name.

    There is some bit of a pussle that i am missing. Which one can it be? =)


    i am using ma3 onpc ver

    2 bugs to report.

    1. System closing/crashing when clicking on the window close button, without transfer user to main screen or showing “quit without save” dialog.

    This has been around since ver 1.4 or even longer.

    Result: file closes without saving and data gets lost.

    2. Some times the system does not remember last show used. The system loads a older show in the library. I don’t not remember if the system always choose the second newest file or if it pics randomly.

    This happens from time to time.

    And this bug has also been around for many different updates.



    1. There is a green indicator:

    Oh thanks. Actually: When I did type master controls in the search i only got "CUSTOM MASTER CONTROLS." and that's why I did not sew the LED,

    I have to look again. Thanks


    In which topic does it say Toggle SM 2.3?

    I was referring to ACT lightnings reference guide. And also syntaxes from ma2


    Toggle Master 2.8

    To be safe regading the numbering, that could change in the future try this one:

    Toggle Master "Grand"."ProgramTime"

    Thanks. will try it this evening.


    2. I think this is on list.



    3. This one works for me. F 1 A 50 resolves the command within the command line to Fixture 1 At 50.

    Strange. does CL SM CLEARA work for you aswell?

    Thanks for the quick response.



    i have some questions about things that I miss In ma3 or don't know how to recall. (in current ver

    1 Program time.

    * If you look in the manual you can see that the text is similar to ma2 manual.

    But there is no led indicator for on or of as described in the manual as you had in ma2.

    * The synthax is there different aswell. It says that it should be "Toggle SM 2.3". but that does not work.

    - today I discovered that the sythax is more like. "on user profile 10.10.x.x".

    - I tried to find how to set the time but did not get any luck.

    Question: Is this issue on the list? what is the status?

    2. Short-hold-commands.

    * In ma2 you could press hardkeys: "fixture + please" that resulted in a HOLD FIXTURE.

    -you could do this command with GROUP / CH ID / etc etc.

    * I can't recall this function in ma3 and I really miss that.

    Question: Is this issue on the list? what is the status?

    3. Typing short commands in command line:

    * in Ma2 you could type SM /CL / A / AS / etc etc. and the system recognized these short as long commands.

    - I really really miss this feature

    Question: Is this issue on the list? what is the status?

    Is this something that will be updated in future versions?

    I am used to how it was in MA2 system and there were never a problem using LTP on a executor and roll with the encoder.

    And then, back and forth. It worked smoothly.

    My busking-technic is quite based on this possibility.

    Thanks in advance



    2. Set faderfunction to Temp, - and disable OffWhenOverridden, to prevent self-termination

    3. Disable OffWhenOverridden on your "Master 2", to make it persist when overridden by your "Master 3"

    Thank you.

    This actually solved most of the problem.

    I am not sure if i disabled this function i ma2 or not. Maybe this was not a issue because of another type of effect / executor / preset - hierarki.

    Some issues remains though. I will try to explain below.

    1 If I stick to executors only and do exactly as you descibed. The PAN / TILT works as expected.

    2. If i combine Executors with a earler recorded preset (position).

    Overideing the executor (LTP) and also overiding the preset. Back and forth. This works fine aswell.

    3. But here comes the issue.

    - 1 clicking on the very same circle phaser(universal) as i recorded on "MASTER 1",

    -2 rolling the position encoder

    - 3 raising the "MASTER 3" to decrease the movement. ( here comes the issue)

    Expected result: Decreasing the P/T from Master 3.

    Result i get: TILT stops but not PAN and the PAN - size-result is not realistic.

    Expected result: A Rolled Value from the encoder should NOT effect the Master 3 but it does.

    Are there any thoughts out there?




    Sorry for bringing up an old subject again, but these threads did not solve my issue.

    I am not succeeding making a working Pan Tilt Controller.

    This is what I have done:

    1. A ABS Preset (or in the programmer) on Master 1.

    2 A REL Circel Phaser on Master 2. LTP priority (the phaser could also been activated in the programmer).

    As far as this goes. Everything works as expected. Even if I change programmer value on ABS P/T Position. the REL Circle effect works in relation to the ABS P/T Values in the programmer.

    3. Now. I want to kick in the controller.

    A REL STOMP (or zero) value recorded on TEMP master 3. Assigned to SUPER or HIGHEST Priority.

    Ok. This does not work.

    Expected result: The on going phaser should DECREASE in relation to the ABS value from the programmer.

    Ex: ABS programmer Value: -50. "Controller" should end on that -50 value.

    Result I get: My Master 3 act like a ABS value. It DECREASE the phaser perfectly , but it end on that ABS value (zero).

    It doesn't work in relation to the actual value in the programmer.

    Is there something in MA3 concept that I do not understand?

    Thanks in advance