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    Hello forum,

    The latest updates improved the phaser workflow a lot but I might be missing something.

    I often store nice looks in the all preset preset.

    When I load the phaser again from the preset pool into the programmer all the references to the presets used are not shown.

    I see this overview:

    It doesn't give me a good overview of what presets are used.

    I would rather see the presets from the listref depends on

    This is also what I see when initially creating the phaser.

    Is there some way to get that initially overview back for stored phasers?

    Thanks for the inspiration. I ended up with two macros

    Export Macro For Edit

    Export Collection "export4edit"

    Import Edited Macro

    Label Collection "Exported for editing"
    Import Macro Library "export4edit" At "Exported for editing" /Overwrite

    The Macro to be edited has to be collected first.

    Then run "Export Macro For Edit" to export the macro so it can be edited in VSCode.

    When changes are made run "Import Edited Macro"

    It also works for multiple macros

    Hello Forum,

    I'm trying to change my workflow of editing complex macro's by using VSCode.

    Right now I'm doing:

    1. Enter the command Export

    2. Click on a macro

    3. Have VScode open at folder \gma3_library\datapools\macros to edit the macro

    4. Import the macro Import Macro Library "white bump 1.xml" At Macro 3901 /overwrite

    But step 4 takes a lot of time to write and also it does not respect the label it adds an incremental number to it which has to be corrected afterwards.

    Has anyone an idea of how this workflow could be improved?


    Phasers are not random, they are very predictable. What makes the random effect is if you use it on a shuffled group.

    What I would do in the template show is create groups 1 to 5 which you manually store your unshuffled groups.

    Then you create a macro that for all groups created a shuffled version. Something like:

    Group 1
    Store Group 101 /Overwrite
    Label Group 101 "Group 1 Shuffle"
    ... repeat for all groups

    (You can run the macro again if you want a new order)

    Now in your sequence recipe line you can choose which group you want to use, the normal or the shuffled version.

    You can even write a macro that replaces the group in the recipe so you can easily switch between them

    When I run List ScreenConfig the result are only three items: 1 for Default, 2 for 3D and 3 for remote.

    Are you sure that x is the screen number? I have created the view with 4 layout views only on display 4 (E4) (ViewButton 7, View 19)

    The following command works but the change is only visible when manually changing/refreshing the view so not very helpful.

    Set View 19.9."LayoutViewSettings" Property "Layout" "1.Layouts.8" 

    Do we need to use ScreenConfig immediately apply the change and refresh the display?

    Ok thanks I get the part of how the values are applied to the selected attributes when using the Width command.

    The phaser edit dialog is not accepting any other width value than 0.

    When entering an other value it resets to 0 which is quite useless.

    In a new showfile I see the expected 0 - 3200. Is there something wrong in the showfile?

    I have tried removing all fixtures and types and patch something new but the issue remains.

    I use the phaser editor a lot, is there anything I can do that would help resolving the issue?


    Anyone else having troubles setting the step width for an attribute with the newest updates?

    When using the phaser window only value 0 is allowed.

    When using the command Step 3 Width 10 sometimes only affects particulair attributes while all attributes are selected.

    When using the attribute bar and it works but that process takes long, every attribute have to be adjusted one by one.

    I cannot remember having this issue before we got the new phaser window.

    Hello Forum,

    I am trying to create a macro that uses an offset like a parameter to determine which objects to change

    For example:

    Selfix $DimmerGroupFXOffset

    Sometimes the variable value need a slight change to point to the correct object.

    Selfix $DimmerGroupFXOffset + 1

    How could this be achieved in a nice way?

    I found some topics using Lua, is that the only way to do this? I would rather keep it more simple.


    Hello forum,

    Would it be possible to set FaderMaster with a minimum value?

    FaderMaster Sequence 1 At 50

    If value is 0 the value is set to 50.

    If value is 70 the value stays on 70.

    Hello Forum,

    I have updated to 1.7.2.x and somehow my fixture which I created GDTF file for have incomplete pan and tilt values.

    In the encoder bar the values can be set from 0 to 255 but the dmx out has values only in range 65-191.

    I am sure this was not an issue in 1.6.x.x.

    I have sequences in my showfile from version (1.6.x.x) with positions that cannot be created anymore in the programmer.

    Does anyone have a clue why this can happen?


    Use : Set Layout "dimmer fx 1"."dimmer fx 1 fade o*" bordercolor ff0000ff

    Thanks that works but on a next macro line I need to give the specific macro a green border: Set Layout "DimmerFX 1"."Dimmer FX 1 Fade Out 0" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    To workaround the issue I have renamed Fade Out to FadeOut

    More Command line parsing bugs. Not sure if this will work but try adding spaces between the dots:

    Set Layout "Dimmer FX 1" . "Dimmer FX 1 Fade Out *" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    That does not work, the spaces automatically get removed due to formatting.

    I have also tried single quotes but that does't make a difference.

    It's a bit annoying but I'll work around it by renaming the macro by not using reserved keywords.

    Hi Forum,

    I noticed that in version macro lines get rewritten after saving.

    From the release notes:


    The grandMA3 software translates now entered commands within macro lines or CMD fields (e.g., Sequence Sheet or
    Agenda) of cues into the syntax the command line would execute later. This helps to detect typos and other mistakes
    directly when applying the entered command. Proper names that are entered within quotes (" or ') stay untouched
    from this interpretation

    When I enter the following macro line:

    Set Layout "Dimmer FX 1"."Dimmer FX 1 Fade Out *" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    It get rewritten to:

    Set Layout "Dimmer FX 1"."Dimmer FX 1 Fade OutputLayer *" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    Notice Out being rewritten to OutputLayer which makes the macro unusable.

    The release notes states that names within quotes (" or ') stay untouched.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The difference with blind mode is that it will stop outputting the current programmer values.

    In a busking scenario were some values are added to the programmer you don't want these to stop outputting for a sec while preset is modified.

    The preview function is more safe as it creates a "second" programmer.

    This could be a reason to use the preview over blind.

    Hi Forum,

    In version 1.7 the preview functionally has been introduced which creates a new programmer but does not output to dmx.

    This can be used to edit phasers on the fly. For example consider the following macro to change the speed of a phaser:

    Edit Preset 23.2021
    Select Attribute Dimmer
    Measure 10
    Update /NoConfirm

    It works but I'm doubting if this is a good practice?

    Has anyone an opinion about this?