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    Hello! If I’m in a the sequence sheet and I added a new fixture for example in cue 3. So the fixture appears for the rest of the track sheet but if I’m asked to start with that fixture from cue 1 without it being selected how do I do that? I know I can edit blindly through the track sheet but that’s only if the fixture is saved at the beginning of the sequence at cue 1.

    Hello! I work on movies and tv shows with a GrandMA3 board and I have a few questions.

    I’ve been storing most values into a fader for each new set. So I’ll have a set fader and then another fader active with some kind of fire effect for a certain fixture. Well today I saved another fixture with the fire effect so I had the fixture active in both faders. Colors were mixing. It was bad. I was wondering how do I remove the fixture from a certain fader?

    Another issue I suppose is how I save stuff. I was ON on the set and had fire turned to off. I clicked save as ALL because that’s how I save looks (please correct me on how to save scenes) and anyway, the entire stage blacked out and it deselects both of the faders I had active. Whatever input or help with this will help greatly!

    Hello! Not sure why, but I’m saving a look to a fader to get cued and the MAtricks isn’t saving to it. Trying to create a chase/ fire gag and it all goes together when I hit the cue. How am I saving it wrong?

    Hello! I work on tv shows and things that are kind of on the go. I want to use faders and store more things in faders, but once it’s stored I can’t read the values of individual phaser steps unless I right click edit.

    I haven’t been too comfortable with the edit button because one time I right clicked on an “All 1” stored look and everything reverted to that.

    So I’m also asking here if I have 1 effect running in a sequence/ fader button and I right click it, will that blackout all the other values stored in the programmer?

    Hello! My boss wants his fixtures in HSI mode and I’m wondering how do I get the color picker to work with it? I’m a good distance from these lights so if I hear to make something a certain color I’m doing it blindly and according to a chart.

    Hello! I have a sky panel here and wondering how to cue lightning strike effects. I had it on a temp+ cue but that wasn’t working so I put it in effect mode with a Go+ trigger and it wasn’t doing anything UNTIL I turned off the sequence that it just struck. Do I need to change the handle or what?

    Hello again! I’m trying to do a pixel chase from one end of the tube to the next. I have the phase I want, but I want the beam to be smaller. Ive added more steps to the phaser to make the beam smaller but the chase doesn’t look as smooth. How do I fix that?