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    There isn't any official LUA documentation yet but I have posted a number of functions here.

    Outside of changing wait to Go no, but perhaps you can have the lua call a second macro when it's done. Seems like there should be an easier way though.


    If it is possible to via Lua know what macro it is run from, would a "Go" as the last thing in the lua script advance the macro?

    Thanks! That is great!

    I certainly have to read up on Lua! Are there any documentation regarding available MA functions, states or variables? Like getting fixture ID of a selected group?

    Do you know if there is a way to halt macro execution until the user inputs something into the input box without adding a go command to the next line which require extra user input.


    I am a noob with using MA macros. I am looking for a way to create loops, is it possible?

    What I want to achieve is to ask for 3 inputs from the user:

    1, How many fixtures

    2, Start fixture id

    3, Start Sequence number

    And then have the macro create a sequence with 2 cues for each fixture where it turns on and then off it after a specified amount of time. Anyone have any clue if it is possible?

    (I am trying to work around that I can not create single shot phaser with a fixed width in seconds. I want to control the rate of one step but have the other fixed.)