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    Hi Forum

    I am looking for help to create a Macro that inserts a time stamp into the the cue name when storing cues. Firstly I guess is this possible?


    Hi Forum

    Not sure if this has been reported as a bug or not? How would I find out if it had?

    I am having a problems creating Universal presets with fixtures which I have imported via MRV and which have GDTF info. Basically the preset (dimmer for example) will not save as Universal and reverts to Global. However I can create Selective and Global Presets fine and if I use a new fixture in the patch from either the MA3 or MA2 library it then allows me to create Universal presets.

    Following on from this I have also found that Universal presets do not work for fixtures that have sub fixtures like Aura XB or X4 Bar 20.

    I hope that update comes soon..


    Hi Forum peeps I hope you are using your time wisely during lock down.

    Can I talk networking - I hope someone out there can help me or point me in the right direction.

    I am using web remote to log into various studios in London from my home office, this works like a dream using a VPN and happy days I can work from home! But it is rather cumbersome when you need to program moving lights, don't get me wrong it's perfect for when its pre programmed but I want more.

    What I really really want! is to Network two consoles together in the same way. One in the studio and one in the office. I am very close to getting this to work with a layer 2 tunnel after trying VPNs etc with no success. I can see both consoles in the network stations window. The problem is getting them into the same session. When I try and either invite or join a session the console will connect download the show file and then instantly get kicked out of the session.

    Ok I understand this could be many many things especially within the layer 2 tunnel but I am so close. I know there is the.Bridge which I assume works in the same way?!

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!