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    I do not know if this is the proper place for feature requests, and bug reports, but I have several and would like to submit them if I can.

    1. We are still missing the auto create page from MA2 and it is probably the most significant thing holding back MA3 for me.

    2. I would like the option to be able to map attribute control to the rotary knobs instead of using the encoder wheels. That idea was what most excited me when I first saw the new hardware. Something about the knob makes dialing in things like focus or zoom much more intuitive and precise feeling. Perhaps in the Assign menu for encoders, under the master tab, we could include an option that is "selected/Focus" and then duplicate it for every common attribute.

    3. I want the touchscreen shapers dialog back from MA2. This dialog was critical for my work flow.

    4. When I am in the patch screen and am inserting new fixtures, I feel that the clear button should be able to clear the calculator of any field such as FID, quantity, etc. If the keypad can be used as an input, then clear should be able to clear the window. I hate jumping back and forth between the backspace button on the keyboard and the numeric keypad on the desk for input. It is clunky and not intuitive.

    5. Every time I boot MA on PC my user profiles are all reset to default. This is a bug. My new profile setting should be remembered for my Admin user.