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    In MA2 it was possible to assign a speedmaster to a sequence (executor)when having a specific command for example ">>>" on a speedmaster, this command was executed on all active sequences with this specific speedmaster.

    This was a helpfull feature(or maybe a bug) so you could stop active chasers for example and control them manually.

    I already did a feature request for this, but there's a reason why this is not working anymore.

    Maybe do a feature request at your local distributor...

    Hi I'm looking to add some appearance thumbnails to a list of buttons.

    I created a dialogue with a list of all my appearances, but I want to add their thumbnail before the name.

    I think its possible, because the popup window for selecting appearances for objects contains a thumbail from the appearances.

    But I can't find how to do this? I searched in the programdata folder to find examples without luck.

    i think its not possible yet, I've created a lua plugin for this feature,

    The plugin searches for the current selection and changes the 3d visible option.

    The problem in my plugin is that I need a reloadUI to make the changes happen.

    So I think its not possible yet 😀 but let's hope in the future..

    You can ask for a feature request by your local distributor


    Im looking to adjust the image color (imageR,imageG,ImageB) directly in lua.

    When I list all the property's of the appearance object by the following function:

        local PropertyCount=Handle:PropertyCount()
        for i=1,PropertyCount do

    I get the following properties:

    When I read the property IMAGER it's 0.

    How can I read and write the color red + green + blue of this object?


    Thats the problem, I want to save my presets to use them in recipes. When I make a nice color preset. I want to use this preset later when I have the same fixture.

    Every show I have different fixtures because I work with a lot of suppliers.


    Im looking for the most efficient way to handle presets in grandMA3.

    I have my template file with empty presets, and every show I start with my empty template file.

    Since I have different fixtures every show, I'm looking for a way to manage my presets. At the moment I need to create my presets from start. Because I don't want to leave my old fixtures in my showfile ( to keep filesize low) with the new GDTF fixtures showfiles can get big. (3dmodels,...)

    In Ma2 I used the preset reference to keep my presets with my fixtures. Importing and exporting presets is possible, but handling the presets for every different fixture is not easy?

    Using universal presets could help me a lot, at the moment it isn't working as expected.

    I have universal color presets, but they only work for 1 fixturetype. So its a universal presets thats not universal ;)

    I hope someone has a good work around, I'm able to write lua scripts,...

    Its very important for me because I don't want to lose time everyday.

    I had almost the same issue, I managed to assign a recipe and cue label to the default sequence.

    When I was storing a new empty cue this cue already had a name and recipe inside.

    I solved this with storing some fixtures in the cue, and deleting it.

    Im not able to reproduce this issue 😀

    (I was programming Lua stuff, some maybe I managed to change a hidden object)


    I've also complained about this before, but it seems that temp faders don't care about auto stop (off) settings in sequences settings. Which makes them pretty awful to use as size masters. Could it be I'm trying to use them in a wrong way?

    a temp fader never uses auto start stop, because moving a tempfader is actually fade in and out the cue data.

    Fadermasters only control dimmer values, that why you can have the auto start/stop setting

    Check you timecode settings, I think there's an option called assert previous events.

    If its doing the same thing as status call in MA2, turn it off...and it solves your problem

    Another option is to record your cue 0.5 at 0seconds

    I think its really helpfull to store the programmer directly to a preset.

    I think it is possible to create a plugin for this. Finding which atribute is a what value/preset is easy.

    But the challenging part is to find the grouping/ fixture data. If you select group x and choose a red preset. I think its impossible to retrieve the group x.

    what I discovered:

    when the readout is in dec8, and the dmx channel is 16 bit I got this orange text.

    When you go to % readout and choose 50% then the value is not always exactly 128dec8. In fact it is 127,x or 128,x

    So for me the orange text is indicating that the value is not exactly what you see. When changing a dmxchannel to 8bit and exporting to a GDTF, and loading this in the webbuilder, you can get overlapping channelsets,...


    I'm trying to get the current appearance from a preset, I want the Appearance name,no,id,...

    I want to assign this appearance to a sequence.

    It's possible to get the name of the preset, but for the appearance I got a error. I did some testing and the element Appearance does not exist?

    Below you find my code:

    local ColorPresetPool = DataPool().presetpools:Children()
    local ColorPresets = ColorPresetPool[4]:Children()             --Color preset pool
    local ColI = 1                                                 --Index number from preset
    local ColorName = ColorPresets[ColI].name                      --Preset Name
    local ColorAppearance = ColorPresets[ColI].appearance          --Name is ok, Appearance not?         

    I hope someone can help me?

    Many thanks!


    Hi, Small Question...

    Is there something to delete checkboxes without restarting the script from te beginning?

    When you press on 1 checkbox I want to delete another checkbox...

    I'm using the Lua UI like the examples above.