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    I have:
    Cue 1 fixture 1 at Full position 1 Fade 3 MIB OFF
    Cue 2 fixture 1 at 0 position 2 Fade 3 MIB OFF
    Cue 3 fixture 1 at full position 3 Fade 3 MIB Late

    When I go from cue 1 to cue 2 the console sets the dimmer to zero in 3 seconds but does not go to position 2.

    I tried on a GMA2 which goes to position 2 by turning off the dimmer in 3 seconds.

    Is this normal?


    One more key to type almost every dimmer to send. This is the case for many things in the software of the 3 compared to the 2.
    I don't get paid for the number of keys I press but for efficiency and speed.

    Dimmer number then please then level wheel (Please is too much. Even if i'm polite).

    fixture x at fixture y please then please to choose the option (good but it has to. An option for removed would be cool).

    First put the right view then store preset (Disable view button and cli view in MA2).

    Auto create saves time for presets (color wheels,gobo, beam...).

    You must assign seq to a layout if you want to play it whitout exec (Direct action)


    The more keys I hit, the less I sleep.

    Just 1 month of use.

    I love it but too much stuff lost compared to MA2 (Pixel mapping, Vpu, Export patch and seq to csv, import ASCII, Filters Time and FX, Fx width without changing the bpm, CITP, Preview, Blind editor...).


    If it can help.

    For 2 sequences play you make 4.

    2 assign to a master (1 and 2) and 2 in the sequence pool which contain your projectors (3 and 4).
    then you do 2 macros.
    Macro 1
    Copy Sequence 3 At Sequence 2
    Copy Sequence 4 At Sequence 1

    Macro 2
    Copy Sequence 3 At Sequence 1
    Copy Sequence 4 At Sequence 2

    If you assign a macro to an exec (101).

    You have to add a line to the macros: Assign Macro x at Exec 101

    If I use a selective phaser on a group of sunstrip.

    I take the 1st half of this group, I change the phase then I try to make 2nd half of group AT 1st half of group.

    It does not copy me the new phase and gives me the beginning effect.

    And if in the clone options I click on high then even the 1st part of the group returns to the original effect.

    Normally I don't need to extract the values since the new phases are not marked as a preset.

    If I do it with a universal phaser the copy goes well.


    I made a sequence with projectors that have individual times (delay + fade) on the dimmer.

    I play the sequence.

    I clear the programmer.

    If I change the level of the dimmer of these projectors in the programmer they automatically have the individual times and moreover it passes over the Program time.

    To program it is boring but if I have a problem with a projector and I want to cut it urgently, I have to type fixture x at 0 fade 0 delay 0.

    Is there an option to avoid this?

    thank you,
    but what I would like is to assign a high priority without having to give the sequence number.

    Just click on the macro and the executor button. (as in gma2: assign /priority=high @).

    I searched I dug and I did not find.