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    I am using 2 MA3 full consoles in session: Console A is GlobalMaster with High priority, Console B is connected with normal priority. Both desks are linked with an MA network switch in the same Group(VLAN). Checking link speeds in switch control I have found : Console A is 1Gbps Console B is 100 Mbps. So I've found that console B interface con1 was set to "slow" but changing to "no" and applying change it doesn't take effect, at the next check the "slow" field is always YES.

    Exchanging switch ports, console A is still running 1Gbps and B is still running 100Mbps.

    So I've unplugged console A and start a new session from console B: same problem!

    Then I tried in GrandMA2 mode and the console B link speed was still 100 Mbps.

    Can someone guy tell me wich kind of issue should I have????

    In version but also in

    I have desk A high priority with shofile X, desk B normal priority with show file Y.

    Desk A is in session with other network devices (ma3 nodes), desk B is standalone.

    -If I do desk B join session, many times it uploads show file Y in the session, many times crashes Desk A, sometimes works fine.

    -If I invite in session desk B from desk A, many times downloads show file Y in session, many times it crashes desk B, sometimes it works fine.


    I have fixture 100 XYZ enabled and MArker fixture CID 10 (moving mode). How can I make fixt 100 focus follows Marker movements in the space??

    From Help pages:

    "The fixtures with XYZ enabled have a MArker attribute. Giving this attribute a number makes the fixture point to the MArker fixture with the matching number"

    Wich is matching number ?

    How can I assign this number at the MArker attribute??

    with encoder doesn't work.

    Thanks for Help

    I was so excited to install the new 1.7 on my desks, great new functions and tools to speed up the workflow.

    But my question is: why new versions bring new problems on old and working functionalities????

    After one day working on my 2 fullsize with 1.7 I have found:

    -stability issue

    exiting from patch saving changes has crashed the system several times

    - columns filter in patch window has visualization and funcionality errors

    - 3D visualization errors

    The body of some fixture type is not visualized,only beam ( i should delete this fixtures from patch and reload from library losing programming!!!!).

    Within some fixture type, some fixtures are visualized and some other not.

    I'm scared to switch on my desk today, start working and find other annoying issues.

    Maybe I should create my show from the start directly with 1.7 but I simply can't!!! Too much time.

    I understand the needle to bring new features and power up the software, but things that were working fine have to still work fine!

    In Htp sequence (tracking mode) with many parameters. When you create a new cue, go to the new cue, completly clear the programmer and skip back to the previous cue the output is corrupted. It tracks back dimmers value from the new cue!!!


    I have my cue 29 in my HTP sequence

    Now I light up and edit some fixtures

    and STORE cue 30

    goto cue 30

    clear clear

    if I skip back ( or GOTO) cue29,

    dimmer values, for fixtures edited when creating cue 30, are corrupted (in cue 29 they should be at 0).

    If I switch Off the sequence and reload cue 29, now I have the right output for cue 29.

    Only HTP playback priority has this problem, others work normally.

    @emmma0122 for me it's a problem. I don't know how and where you work. I program opera shows and I can assure you that is very ugly to have unwonted phasers on stage during rehearsals!!!

    The software should work whit logic. If I put a command I aspect it do it as I asked.

    I have a tracking sequence, in some cues i have phasers for some fixtures.

    Cue Y in the sequence has no phaser, neither tracked.

    Fixture X is not used in phasers.

    but if I do " fixture X at cue thru Y" (to copy in the programmer content and status of fixt X in cue Y) and change one attribute of that fixtures, it creates a phaser!!!

    what do you think about?

    Thank you

    same to me.

    Last night I was programming in a grandma 3 fullsize, in session with another gma3 Fullsize, and one of them ( not the one I was using) has resetted to the mode gma2/gma3 choice screen.

    From this moment the desk I was using started to work unproperly, like autoscroll in sequence sheet stopped working and couldn't play macros on xkeys.

    In a 'onPC software' - 'onPC 8Port Node 4k' network, is it possible to add an 4port Node (not ONPC) ???
    Parameters should be enabled by the 4k node, but I'm not sure that 4port Node could work..

    What do you think about???

    In version I've found a strange behaviour by cloning fixture's attributes, when they are referred to presets, using "fixture x at fixture y" or the clone keyword.

    Example I have a cue where:

    fixt 2 thru 4 are in Pset1 (all attributes),

    fixt 5 thru 8 are in Pset 2 (all attributes),

    fixt 9+10 are stored without presets.

    fixt 1 has some attributes in Pset1 and some out of preset.

    Psets 1 and 2 have all attributes for fixture 1thru 8.

    I need to have fixt 6 same as fixt 1 so

    "Fixture 6 at fixture 1" cloning mode Overwrite.

    What happens??????

    It copies the preset link for all attributes of both fixtures!!! (also pan,tilt, rgbw that were not linked to a preset)

    It happens also if I "clone fixt 1 at fixt 6".


    I dont know why, it also activates all attributes of source fixture in the programmer???