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    So MA3 makes it possible to have multiple values for the same attribute in different cue parts. However, storing this is quite difficult.

    When I grab a group, set it At 100, and store Cue 1 Part 1, everything works as expected. When I then set the group At 0, and Store Cue 1 Part 2, the value in the first cue part gets cleared out. It is not clear to me why this happens? As I understand it, MA3 should only store the new values in part 2, and not erase the values in part 1.

    It is very much possible to enter a value for Part 1 again, manually via the sequence tracking sheet. Another workaround is grabbing the group At 0, Store Cue 2 Part 2 and then Copy/Move Cue 2 Part 2 At Cue 1 Part 2. This way, the duplicate values remain as expected and no deletion happens.

    Am I missing something here? Why is MA3 deleting values in another Cue Part when I store a second Cue Part?

    Cheers, Fabian

    When I create an appearance with image in MA3 version 1.5 or greater, and then assign this appearance to any object, and then assign this object to a layout view, the image doesn't cover the entire element any more. There is a border around the image where the background color of the appearance shines through. I have no idea what causes these borders. In versions 1.4 and below, the image covered the entire object, but now I cannot replicate this behaviour, no matter what settings I touch on the appearance or the layout view object. Is there any way to replicate this behaviour in 1.5 or greater? This new behaviour makes transparent overlay images useless for masking the background color of an object.

    While trying to write a show start macro for a production today, I hit a very unexpected snag: It seems to be impossible to set the fader value of an executor master fader from the command line like it was possible in MA2.

    Executor XXX At 100 just fails silently.

    Am I just missing something obvious here? We tried every combination imaginable of Set commands and executor pages and everything else we could think of, but none of us managed to get a fader to move.

    In this particular case we wanted to change group masters to their max value, so if anyone has an idea on how to accomplish that, I'd be grateful.

    Thank you, that explains it!

    Maybe the folks at MA could clarify this, because the very slim documentation we do have is, in my opinion, very ambiguous on this topic:


    Invert options has been added to the MAtricks. The invert options allow an easier and more advanced manipulating of values. With invert, it is possible to define on which axis in the selection grid the values should be inverted when turning the encoder or applying a range of values. The fixtures that will be inverted, are displayed in green in the fixture sheet (font color), 3D (body color), and layout window (border color). Furthermore, it is also possible to limit the value invert to pan and/or tilt

    "[...] or applying a range of values [...]" of course makes sense with the context you have just provided, but could very well be understood (as I had) to include the selected preset.

    Despite this ambigúity, I think this behaviour makes very little sense with the invert style being limited to the options pan, tilt, pan+tilt and all. In fact, I could think of more use cases changing the phase, fade or delay layers of dimmers and colors independently for example, than the pan + tilt attributes.

    So, yes, hopefully we will see that actual value invert, because the current version of MA3 is making it very hard to quickly create any kind of symetrical effects.

    Try the command List. This displays the directory structure in the command line history. Initially you'll be in the root directory, if not you can get there with cd root. If you now execute List, you'll get a list something like this:

    This is the grandMA "directory structure". You can now explore with, for example, cd showdata or cd 12. Both numbers and names work.

    Cheers, Fabian


    I've just tried to replicate your issue. I think MIB might not work with subfixtures yet. I've successfully managed to get MIB working with the Mac Aura XB Standard 14ch profile. MIB doesn't work for me either with the 25ch Extended profile. So if you don't need the extended feature set, you might get around the issue by using the Standard profile. I haven't managed to fix it with the extended profile, so this might just be a bug or not yet implemented feature.

    Cheers, Fabian

    Has anybody figured out how the inverts for recipes work?

    If I'm not misunderstanding how they are supposed to work, they should, in theory, allow you to create symetrical circles again.

    However, I can't figure out what they are actually doing:

    I've created a global/universal preset that relatively offsets the moving light in a circle. This works as expected. I can apply wings,

    groups and blocks in the recipes and cook a new preset using a group and the global/universal circle preset. The fixtures are offset by phase from

    0 to 360 deg using the recipe's Phase From and To fields.

    So far, so good. Now I try to enable the InvertX option with invert style pan. In theory, the fixtures should now all invert their pans,

    and as such, circle in the opposite direction. However, at least for me, nothing changes. Things get even weirder when I try the option I actually

    need for symetrical circles: the invert wing option. When I enable the XinvW option, things go absolutely haywire:

    Fixtures 1, 4, 5 and 8 of the 8 fixtures (from L to R) do exactly the same thing as before, when fixture 5 and 8 should actually invert their pan.

    Fixtures 2, 3, 6 and 7 are even weirder: they change into some sort of weird oval shape, which shouldn't even be possible when inverting the pan of a

    pan-symetrical phaser.

    I have tried to illustrate this with two pictures.

    As you can see, 4 fixtures (the bottom left point in the phaser diagram) are still following the circular phaser,

    the other 4 fixtures do something, I've tried to roughly mark their paths with purple, excuse the crude image editing :)

    Has anybody also experienced this? Can anybody reproduce this, or am I just doing something wrong?

    I can share a showfile with the issue if anybody wants to see what I did exactly.