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    Hey Guys, :P

    So on the fullsize I knew there was an option to do a hardware test. On this test you could do a test on all buttons, faders, encoders etc.
    I wanted to know if that option is also availible on the dot 2.

    If so:
    Which buttons do I have to press when booting up?

    Thanks guys :D

    The fixture builder works fine on OS X and seems to be not optimized on windows ?

    Send me the documentation of your fixture and i can do something for you.

    Dear Thierry,
    I saw you reply on my post earlier this day. First of:Thanks that you want to help me out.
    This is the manual with the footprints:

    But I have a couple of questions about making the fixture:
    Will the colours/Gobos be visible in the 3D show?
    I need the mode 1 patch. But how difficult is it to make a mode 1 and a mode 2 patch?
    In anyway, if you have any questions just let me know.

    And again Big thanks, and I will see your post in the near future!

    Kind regards,
    Vincent Cascan

    Hey go-button,

    The software is running on administrator but it still keeps crashing. And I did checked the firewall list, but only the full "onpc" range of MA.Lighting were in there. "Bummer..."

    Thanks for the Link so the GrandMA2 share net, tough I did not find the fixture I was looking for. I did found some fixtures which I seeked for earlier! Did not know they both support XML files!

    Hope ill get a fixture xml soon!

    I Recently bought a Dot2 Console :love: , and some Expolite Tourspot 300's on the go. I searched trough the fixture library and online for a decent XML file for this type of fixture. Awfully I did not succeed in finding one, and making the fixture functions properly in the "MA Fixture Builder" was a pain in the ass. The program keeps crashing and every time when I Managed to make "Something", the 3d Visualizer didn't do what the movinghead should do. I don't know why the program keeps crashing since my computer doesn't have any problems with a huge 3D show in dot2 3D. Can you guys/girls give me feedback in what I keep doing wrong?
    Or does anybody have a decent XML for in my colsole?

    Thanks Guys :) ;)

    :: Cascan
    :: Operator and Designer