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    I'm making a sequence with a bunch of commands, but when I use "()" the command dialog doesn't open like in the following cmd:

    Set MAtricks 201 "xblock" (num of blocks?)

    It works in normal cmd or macros but not in sequence commands so does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or is this how it should work?

    Thanks in advance.

    The waiting was worth it

    I want to finish this thread saying that today I saw the version 1.7 at ISE Barcelona and I was really impressed with all the job done.

    We won't have any more excuses with MA3, so it looks like they've heard most of our requests in the forum all these months.

    Great job MA team!

    People all over the world are already using MA3 software, on small shows and large.

    Yeah, for sure people use it, I think that it has a great potential to be the industry leading, but I'm only asking when we will see at least all the MA2 features on MA3, I didn’t mean it was un-usable, only that we'll been waiting for 4 years and at least at the moment it's not what we all thought it would be, maybe we all had very high expectations, but it's true that features as clonning or direct actions is something that is really usefull and we still dont have-it.

    I'm sorry if I've been misunderstood, I didn't mean it wasn't usable.

    I'm looking forward to see what MA has in their mind for future updates

    You can also do:

    Delete Cue 3 If Fixture 41 If Attribute "dim"

    Its more fast and you don't have to edit the cue, also you can do more than one fixture per time doing:

    Delete Cue 3 If Group 4 If Attribute "dim"

    It's been more than 4 years since MA3 was launched, my question is: When we will be able to use it for real? I personally purchased one and I didn't really use the MA3 functionalities, only to work with MA2, so we will see some improvements in the near future? Functions as cloning or a good effect engine that are really essential in a desk?

    The desk even starts to look old, with any USBc port, fiber connection or video capabilities. I still hope we can see a change in the near future.

    Thanks <3

    PSR is't on the software at this moment (I don't kow if will be available in a future)

    But insted you can use the MVR import function it's very similar and works more or less the same way, i used to import some stages that i had on MA2