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    Oh, my onPC System startet even on an totally uncompatible AMD Processor. So it might not be the system...

    Did you try a clean start as well?

    It sounds a little bit crazy to start a software in Win8 mode which recommends Win10 for proper use... ?

    Yep, tried clean start as well. De- and reinstalled several times with cleaning all Program Data. Redownloaded installation.exe. Havend had any issues with my 'uncompatible system' since MA3 came out. Yep, sounds wrong to run a native win10 program in win8 compatibility mode, but as long as it works for me... All works fine, i can output artnet, go in session with other onPCs and export show and use it on another system. So im fine with it for now for programming. Wouldnt run a show with it, but that was never the plan anyways.

    Hey everyone,

    i'm experiencing problems with MA3 starting. Today i connected a rented commandwing to my computer. Since then:

    When i start MA3 on PC, the terminal appears (photo). Nothing happens from this point.

    In the task manager the MA3 Launcher is taking 30% of the CPU and uses more than 1GB Memory.

    Last time about a week ago everything just worked fine (load about 5sec).

    Have deinstalled and installed again, no difference. Tried older versions as well, same problem. Is there a setting eg in the firewall i am missing?

    Tried Clean start as well.

    Currently the Wing is disconnected.

    MA3 on PC

    Win 10

    Intel I5 3570k (4cores, 3.4Ghz)

    16GB Memory

    Geforce GT 710

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.


    EDIT: After unning the launcher for 10 min, next Line appeared
    "System Message: :Send NetworkInterface