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    hi, I need the crowd knowledge.

    When I start a cue via TC, MA3 ignores the following cues that I have attached with follow or triger times. If I run the same list with the GO+ then the follows or triger work without any problems. I worked with GO+ and GOTO in the TC, neither works. The result is that I really have to enter every cue into the TC. super complicated.

    Has anyone already had this problem? Is there a solution for this?

    it was never a problem in GMA2


    I use GrandMa3 Commandwing + onPC + Capture 2022 in my studio without any propblems.

    Now i have a new GrandMA3 viz-key and want to use it for giving parameters from onPC to Capture on same computer.

    BUT IT IS NOT WORKING. I need Help ...

    • I know i need IP ...
    • i know have to hold the direction
      • 1. plug viz-key,
      • then start capture,
      • then GrandMA3 on pc ....
    • I know i start session.

    In Network setting of GrandMa3 i see some times the capture + vizkey ... but the ip is just written in the Console line. In the Visulizer is no ipadress. But i think there should be the as well. Where in Capture i can put that?

    or someone has another idea?

    Thanks, Yves


    I want to build a PC for my GrandMA 3D. Has anyone already experience which GPU is best suited? (or bad experiences too?) Are gaming GPUs good for that?

    I am also grateful for advice in this regard.

    Tanks, Yves

    Ich wollte mir ein WLAN remote bauen für die DOT2 leider komme ich zwar über die LAN-Verbindung problemlos rein aber nicht über die WLAN-Verbindung.

    Ich vermute es liegt an den Routereinstellungen.

    Mein Preset ist:

    eine DOT2 und meine ONPC auf meinem Rechner, verbunden über einen Switch (Tp-Link TL-SF1005D) an dem Switch hängt neben dem Rechner und der DOT2 noch der WLAN-Nano-Router (Tp-Link TL-WR802N)

    die Remoteoberfläche läßt sich Problemlos über den Browser am rechner öffnen. Aber leider nicht am Tablet über WLAN. Brauche ich da noch eine APP oder irgenwelche Einstellungen an Tablet oder Router?

    gruss, Yves