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    So far I have really enjoyed programming on the dot2 onPC software. However I cannot figure out how to utilize remote MIDI inputs, namely how to get a MIDI signal into the dot2 onPC software. I have done some pretty vigorous searching and it seems as if this feature has yet to be added for dot2 onPC (unless I am mistaken of course).

    I was curious when this feature would be added and if it does exist, how one goes about getting PC midi software to interface with dot2 onPC.

    Thank you!

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there are any features available on the dot2 onPC software that would allow for an easier way to manage views across a multi monitor setup.

    Right now the software has the windows of an external monitor, two B-wings, two F-wings, and a Core fader all associated under the same program window.

    It would be awesome if I could say, assign the window of my core fader to monitor one on my PC and then the window of F-wing 1 to the second monitor on my PC.

    Though it is great to have so many points of control, I honestly find it to be a little distracting and would love to be able to scale things independently as opposed to having everything so interconnected.