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    In MA 2 theres a cue option called „cue zero“, which is basically what dherderich suggested as a workaround in MA 3. Give it a try. In conjunction with a break or a block, it should do what you want it to.

    Btw, I’m pretty sure that as soon as tracking shield is added and you found out what it‘s capable of, you won’t ask for etc’s autoblocks anymore.

    IMHO the reason, why cue 3 remains unchanged, is because you are removing the values cue only in cue 2.

    Anyway, as I‘ve mentioned in my first post, I don‘t know a single thing about ma 3 (so thanks for the encoderpage keyword), because im still using my beloved ma 2‘s until all the features I need are added. So everything I said, was pointed towards ma 2, which might have caused confusion. I know, this is the wrong forum then. But the reason I came here, was to ask, if this feature could be added in future updates.

    That being said, a „feature request“-thread would be awesome! 🙂

    Yes, the missing ts in ma3 is a big let down.

    Regarding the selection: I was just referring to your particular syntax, were you are selecting all fixtures with a zero value within the whole seq, cause you‘re not defining a cue. There’s a big chance, that you dont want to alter those fixtures in this cue, because their dimmer value may have been above zero.

    But anyway I know, what you mean. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for the answers so far!

    As I’ve mentioned, I want the first cue from the next scene to be clean, BEFORE I go in there. This can only be achieved with the proper prgramming (intensity block or in my case a much more preferred intensity break. Or with cleaning the mess before going in there, which I know could be done via macro.

    Sorry, but your macro doesn’t do that.

    In the first line, you are selecting all fixtures that are at zero once in the whole sequence. Which selects basically all the fixtures in a show with a blackout,

    I‘m not sure about your second line, cause I have to admit, that I don‘t know the keyword „encoderpage“ (and I also haven’t found it in the grandma 2 manual). But yes I assumed, that this should activate all presettypes except dimmer (on presettype 1 thru 9)

    And the 3rd line removes all those values from all those fixtures from the current cue, which is definitely not what I would want to, as the selection is wrong, and as you’ve said, I have to be in that cue allready.

    But yes, with a macro pretty close to this, it would be achieveable.

    I just would use remove/ts not co, so the cuelist is really clean, given that you removed all the blocks before.

    Thanks guys!

    That’s unfortunately not what I need. I want a break between scenes, but without a big car crash when going into the cue after the break (e.g all fixtures that were at zero, having an open move). Sometimes you don‘t have the time to clean the mess up before going there during tech. Thats why etc has intensity blocks. But I dont want it as a block, because I unblock my whole cuelist regularly to have tracking shield work properly. I hope, its clear what I mean.

    But thanks anyway!

    Some more thoughts on this anyone?

    Isn‘t that, what „cue zero“ does? (Sorry, I didn‘t take the time, to try the ma 3 software yet, so I don‘t know, whether it has this feature allready.)

    I‘m working in an opera house on ma2 and I would love to see a cue mode that makes an „intensity break“. Basically act like a break, but just for intensities.

    Is there something similar planned for the future?

    Versteh ich dich richtig, die off-time bezieht sich deiner Meinung nach nur auf den Dimmerwert? Aber bei einem Effekt funktionierts ja auch, oder was versteh' ich da jetzt nicht?
    Um zu verhindern, dass die Werte auf Default gehen, muss man halt nur sicherstellen, dass die gewünschten Werte nach dem Effekt noch immer aktiv sind, sprich zwecks off/on overwritten auf einen Fader legen.
    Eigentlich komisch, ich dachte ein smoothes ein und ausfaden eines stinknormalen Colorchasers oder auch eines Pan/Tilt Chasers sei kein Hexenwerk...

    Hi! Laut manual müsste ein ein-und ausfaden eines Chasers über die off-time funktionieren. Bei mir hat dies leider nicht funktioniert, ich habe einen color chaser mit 2 sekunden off time programmiert. Nach erneutem drücken meines exec buttons ( toggle) wartet er 2 sek und schaltet dann hart um, als wenn ich einfach ein outdelay eingegeben hätte. Was mach ich falsch? Hat jemand ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht?

    Ok danke, habs befürchtet... zu diesem Zweck wollte ich gerade das basic-mode fixture (exportiert aus der gma2onpc) per fixture builder um das feature "lamp on" mit wert 233 erweitern, jedoch klappt es mit dem export aus dem fixture builder nicht.
    Ich bekomme immer folgende Fehlermeldung (habs auf 2 verschiedenen PC's probiert, mit selbigem Ergebnis): "An exeption of class NilObjectExeption was not handled. The application must shut down", danach schliesst die Anwendung wie angekündigt. Was mache ich falsch?

    Dies ist mein 1. Beitrag bei euch im Forum, leider komme ich direkt mit einem kleinen Problem:
    Unsere Mac 700 Wash lassen sich weder im BT noch im EXT Mode per "control -> lamp on" zünden. Vom Kollegen bei Lightpower in Österreich wurde uns geraten, die fixture-library testweise aus der gma2 zu exportieren und in die dot2 zu importieren, was leider nicht zu erhofftem Erfolg führte.
    Die Lampen resetten nach wie vor beim "lamp on" Befehl, ohne zünden des Leuchtmittels.
    Gibts es hierzu einen Lösungsansatz, Notfalls auch workaround? Ist es z.B. möglich "manuell" am Strobe-Kanal 90% rauszuschicken, um die Lampe zu zünden (wie in alten Scanco-Zeiten)?