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    So as of version I was able to find the desired syntax in the help. I was able to get that to work as expected on a standard executor that has a sequence assigned. Unfortunately it still does NOT fade as expected for the desired group master fader using that same sytax, the fader will only snap to the desired value. Is that just a Bug?

    • To move FaderMaster 205 at position 50% in a 5 seconds fade:

    User name[Fixture]> FaderMaster 205 At 50 Fade 5

    Hey all,

    Hope this is an easy one. In gMA2 I had a macro that looked like this "Executor 1.201 Thru 1.206 At Full Fade 3" where those executors were all group masters. This would bring all of those group masters back to full at a nice easy 3 second fade. Used for when an operator went to the next cue that included this macro in the CMD section that initial dimming values store in the new cue for these fixture groups would always be accurately outputting regardless of whatever the operator had adjusted those masters to manually during previous cues.

    So far I have seemed to get most of the way there on gMA3 with the syntax "FaderMaster Page 1.201 thru 1.206 at 100" which brings the group master faders to 100% but does so with an immediate snap. I haven't been able to figure out the correct syntax to mimic the "Fade 3" desired outcome of having those faders slowly fade up not snap up? Anyone know the syntax I'm missing or is this function not yet implemented?

    Also I miss not being able to see executor feedback in the command line feedback. Like in gMA2 it would say something like " Realtime: Go Executor 1.201" when pressing a go key on an executor always helped identifying where the executor was stored for macro sake especially if it was fixed? Again maybe I'm missing something or looking in the wrong spot. But that was always very helpful.