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    The clone is woks ! I made a macro for it Clone Group (Clone Data of these GROUP IDs) At Group (Clone Data to these GROUP IDs) If Preset (PRESET ID of the PRESET to clone only)

    thank you

    Running a show .....

    the clear Button is keeping the green light on and the desk behave strange to command.

    The button is ok.

    any Idea?

    It is happened to me few times

    there is Reading signs map for all the signs that appears in the console?

    what is blue arrow down in a group pool?

    what is + sign in a group pool?

    thank you


    What is the fast way to select all the sub fixtures of fixture group.

    If I have 48 magic blade and I want to make a group only for the sub muster.

    Thank you


    I made preset color[cy] with delay time 1 thr 10 , when I use the preset it act OK 1 thr 10 but after when I use the YL preset with no delay time it act like it has the delay also.

    that the way it supposed to act?

    thank you


    When I running phaser from.the editor or making new phaser I don't won't that every thing I thuch will be recored.

    If I made a dim phaser and want to see how is look wirh adiffernt zoom or color without integrated it auto.

    On live situations when You need to make a phaser running on show ( spot move to the crowd ) and then you need to change more arttibute without them be apart of the phaser it can not be done.

    It can be nice to have an option to look the phaser from the adittor and in the same have an option to run more the one phaser in the same.time.

    Phaser 1 2 step running from the edditor -LOCk

    Phaser 2 - 2 differnt step running and can be edit.


    when making phaser with some steps [pan tilt] and run it any preset [color, zoom....] is merge to the steps auto without ant commend.


    at the past integrated command was needed.

    for me that situation is making the programer zone messy.

    I am experiencing the same issu, it seems that the PHASE behavior

    Is not systematic and operates as expected.

    When you set PHASE through MATRIKS and when you set PHASE through the EDITOR you get different results.

    I also have a hard time understanding how the PHASE works on the Y axis - when I set phase 0 TRU 360 I do not get step by step effect

    It is also very difficult to edit an effect when you are required to update PHASE after each change in STEP.

    Thank you,


    Try to make relative phaser...…. the relative tab is on.....

    the only way it is stored as relative [ only pink line] is to "off Absolute" command before store it .

    otherwise it is stored as absolute and relative [red and pink line].

    way is that?