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    On closer inspection it’s actually working as it should. It’s only in the fixture sheet it says that it’s running on full, but the actual hazer is operating at the value of the fader.

    Since updating I can’t get a temp fader working on my hazer. I stor a sequence with the hazer running at full on a fader and change the fader from master to temp, but when I raise the fader the hazer jumps directly to 100 instead of following the fader.
    When I do the same in it works perfectly, but when I open the same show in it jumps to 100 again.
    Anyone else experiencing this?

    After updating to I’ve been having a curious issue. After working for some time I suddenly become unable to store or move presets and groups. After restarting the onPC software everything is back to normal for a while, until the whole thing repeats. Is this a known bug or is something wrong with my setup?