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    Hi all,

    I'm using a Viz-Key with my visualizer and want to use the parameters that it enables to drive a media server at the same time.

    Problem is, the Viz-Key only seems to output DMX from the first requested universe. I am patching my media server in local universe 100, and want the DMX to be enabled for that universe.

    I'm programming for a festival rig, so i dont have the luxury of specifying that universe 1 is reserved for this use...

    If "request" is set to Off, the Viz-Key seems to stop outputting to the visualizer on that universe, so setting "request" to "off" on all universes lower than 100 means no output to the visualizer.

    Is there a way to specify the Viz-Key output universe?

    My current workaround will be to patch the fixtures in universe 1 to an unused universe and move the media server to universe 1. This is easy in MA as you can simply move universes around, but it's more complicated to do in the visualizer. Then of course when I get to the gig i'll have to undo those changes, then redo them if I want to work offline away from a console again...

    Gear: MA3 Vision 2024 onPC Windows

    Thanks in advance for any help....



    This thread really helped! I wrote (well, copied and modified from my good friend Jeff Farrow) my first LUA plugin today, riffing off this! The tostring() thing worked like a charm, and is perfect for my application.

    I use this to quickly label cues with a "CueLabel" macro so I don't have to type out "CHORUS" over and over again when I'm charting songs for a band. The macros also set the appearance, and now I can change the colour of every VERSE cue in the desk just by changing my VERSE appearance! An improvement on this process that I started in MA2.

    After using for some time successfully, onPC on Windows is suddenly crashing. Fun screen shots below

    From another thread i thought perhaps some auto-update to my GPU driver might have caused it, but the error code was different.

    I actually had it running for a bit after first seeing this, but now it just keeps crashing. I'll keep restarting and perhaps uninstall/reinstall.

    Hopefully this error code helps: 0xc0000374


    I am trying to read MIDI timecode with MA3 onPC. I'm using rtpMIDI for the network connection; the MTC is coming from a separate computer.

    This exact setup works perfectly with MA2 onPC. With MA3 onPC I just can't get it to read the same signal.

    I have gone through the settings meticulously as per the online manual. Any ideas?


    Not sure if this is a copy paste thing but it should be (no space between the 6 and the colon).

    provided you are on the same Subnet as the console (DHCP or static) work.


    The space was the problem! Got it to work!

    Using manual IP on iPhone.

    Now how do I get the remote to be useful? Encoders don't show up and everything is all crowded... not useful yet!

    I can't get Web Remote to work at all. I have followed all of these instructions to the letter.

    I have tried with an iPhone and with a PC using both Chrome and Edge.

    PC browsers keep trying to enter the IP as a search and then complain that they're not connected to the Internet. PC is on wired Ethernet. Connection between console and onPC works fine.

    Compact station IP is - tried :8080 as well as :8080

    iPhone using WiFi keeps popping up that my network is not connected to the Internet. I have it in Airplane mode. I have tried setting a manual IP address as we used to do on MA2 as well as DHCP. Tried DHCP on console as well. Can't seem to get it to connect. Then, iPhone drops off the network because it doesn't see any Internet so I have to keep reconnecting.

    Router: ASUS RT-AC66U B1

    Console: MA3 Compact

    This should be easy to do. Any ideas as to what I'm missing?




    I'm not sure what I did, but MA3 on my PC has just freaked out where the overall appearance is concerned.

    It's like there's an alpha channel on anything that's MA3 grey, and lists are unreadable...

    Screenshot below.

    I thought it might have something to do with changing my Windows theme to "dark" but i did that days ago and nothing happened.

    This just started now. Have changed Windows theme, restarted the computer...