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    Andreas hey, thank your for the tip, much more convinient to type in than 1 + 2 + 3. I modiefied my macro in a way that it says: at remove encoderpage 2, at remove pencoderpage 3 and so on, due to the fact that I always use all presets with position/gobo/beam/focus/shapers in it and I want to remove all those attributes and for color its just color. So 2 macros. But I also tried to create universal presets with just remove values in it and when i tried to store it in the preset pool, the presets are empty. Somehow remove isn't a real value. Would be cool if it was though.

    I'll have to find out tomorrow. Interesting approach. But if building that macro takes away too much of my nerves I am going to store a universal preset with only remove values in the desired attributes and I use that to get my remove values on the correct attributes. so for example a universal color preset with remove values. And the macro says current selection at preset 4."remove_color" and another line says store cue $cuenumber /m /co...and for removing pos/gobo/beam/focus/shapers a universal all preset with remove values...

    But I'll play around with it tomorrow at work.

    you are right, I have to build around it selecting a filter which defines only the attributes to which the remove value should be assigned to and then say: at remove encoderpage 1, at remove encoderpage 2, at remove encoderpage 3 and so on...then every encoderpage gets a removed value assigned to it, but it respects the selected filter...

    or I say at remove encoderpage 1, at remove encoderpage 2, at remove encoderpage 3 and so on so all encoderpages get a remove value assigned to it and in another step the macro says off encoderpage x, off encoderpage y, off encoderpage z etc. and x, y, z are variables for encoderpages which should not get activated and removed...I'll have a try tomorrow.

    Andreas thank u, now it works. so I have to type in: 2 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8. I should have known that because if you use the calculator to invert PAN in MA2/MA3 you have to make sure that you type in * -1 instead of * - 1 as the calculator suggests. you always have to remove that space by yourself after typing it in...or you use the +/- button, which I always overlook to be honest :D

    1. removing relative values results in completely removing it instead of tracking it from the cue before. 2. stomping relative value only works if the related absolute value is not a tracked value.

    3. store remove cue only does not respect cue only. 4. blocking a sequence to get hard values for using handy actions like fixture x at cue y results in creating unwanted part cues.

    if you have to remove and replace lots of values in 1 sequence as in theater programming this behaviour really makes MA3 inconvinient as hell at the moment. hopefully that changes with the next update and we will finally get the tracking shield store option and filters which respect layers for storing presets in the preset pool, without having to remove the unwanted absolute or relative layer manually from every preset.

    hey folks, I built a simple macro to remove attributes from cues, because the store remove cue only action is bugged. but I've got a problem. when the variables "Encoderpages" and "Cues" in my macro consist of a single value for example Encoderpages=2 and Cues=3 it works fine. but if it's a text value like Encoderpage=2+3+5+6+7+8 and Cues=2+4 it doesn't work.

    In MA2 I used to declare the variables SetVar $=("Encoderpages?") and SetVar $Cues=("Cues?") and the quotationmarks did the job to realize it's a string...

    How can this be done in MA3?

    Here is a screenshot of my macro and what it looks like when executed in the cmd line. thanks in advance!

    hey guys, I've got the following situation. i have 6 rows of fixtures. every row consists of fixture x01 to x10. first row of fixtures=101 to 110, last row of fixtures=601 to 610.

    I positioned everything as desired in my grid. when I open MAtricks, choose x-axis and step thru the blocks it looks fine. when I choose z-axis and step thru the blocks it also works fine.

    but here comes the problem:

    when I select my group and create a dimmer phaser with phase x=0 to phase x=180 it looks as expected, it's a sine wave from left to right. BUT when I create a dimmer phaser with phase z=0 to phase z=180 all my fixtures go from closed to full at the same time. here are 2 screenshots of my group.

    the grid looks correct, doesn't it?

    hi folks,

    can someone please tell me how to create a virtual dimmer in grandMA3 ?

    i created a 16 bit led bar, which uses 10 subfixtures (DIM R G B) and it works fine. now i tried to replace the coarse=1, fine=2 values, with coarse=none, fine=none values for my DIM attribue, same as i would do in grandMA2 to create a virtual dimmer, but that does not work…

    thanks in Advance!

    the easiest way to do a bounce effect on a fixture selection is to create a selective dimmer phaser preset with 2 steps. first step dim value 0 thru 100, second step dim value 100 thru 0. phase= 0 for the complete selection.

    clintos you owe me a beer now :D