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    I have no output in the visualizer from my aura's, they are patched from the ma2 library in extended mode, color calibration off.
    I've tried both the fixture and the sub fixture, but i cant see any beams in the 3D space.

    All other fixtures work fine in the ma3 3d.

    Am i doing something wrong?

    You have maybe already tried this, but if not, its worth trying. And i also have some questions.

    Try and:
    Change youre IP addres to 192.168.0.XXX
    Check if the connection works with an Ethernet cable.

    Is it a must that its a wifi connection?
    Are youre pc on a fixed IP adress?
    Is there anything else running on the wifi your trying to get a connection through?

    /I hope this can help you.

    I had this tought aswell, "Hey nice DP output, let me convert that real quick" - but no.
    Just as Daniel said, only DP to DP will works flawlessly with all monitor.

    I contacted my local MA dealer, and asked if they would recommend any adapter for DP to HDMI for my issue, but he told me no.
    He instead told me to get at laptop in session and use my laptops hdmi out to show 3D.

    Wich is great, I can use the wall mounted screen by the test bench, and now i will get used to have a laptop in session, so i will always have an updated version of my showfile if somebody spills coffe in the Compact XT :D

    Since i can't find any post about the update on 3rd party visualizers, maybe I'm wrong, Parameter For Visualizer Statement . there's just no update on this announcement.
    I was wondering whether a software like is out anywhere?
    The Wyg to MA2 converter tool was a great tool to get a quick or massive design into MA3D when away from a beefy wyg machine.

    So yeah, if any one knows if Matthias Schöffmann is on this forum, can you @ him?
    Or if something like the converter tool is in the works please update me.