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    I have noticed that our parameter count has been exceeded for the hardware available and have been trying to determine why. It seems a 3ch RGB fixture has a virtual dimmer assigned to it, and it is being counted as a parameter. I have thousands of these in the show so obviously it mounts up fast.

    Is this a bug, or does the software in fact count a basic 3ch RGB fixtures as 4 parameters?

    Screenshot attached from the parameters list.

    Thanks for your reply. I definitely had it working at some point, but wanted to know if there was a way (yet) to select the audio device to use.

    The device I want to use is set to default in Windows, but it still isn't showing any level.

    I'm trying to set up a sound input into onPC. I had it working once, but I can't get it to detect any audio, and I can't seem to find where the preferences are for input audio.

    I'm using the Sound view to monitor input into onPC. It is a flat line at the moment, and I have verified that audio is hitting the default input device.

    Is there some way to control the audio input source for onPC?