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    Hi All,

    Perhaps this may be a feature request.

    Would it be possible to have a virtual Button WIng 3 that could be used as an on screen button wing.

    This way we could have 2 Physical wings and a 3rd set of Exec Buttons on an internal or external touch screen?


    Unfortunately not,

    A work around is to store an empty cue on an executor and then write your command into the CMD section of the cue.

    Hi Lars,

    any updates on this bug? I am currently programming a new show and this feature is adding a large amount of extra programming time to my show.


    Hi All,

    Possible bug here?

    In the previous software version I have been able to 'copy' between groups. e.g. group 11 at group 10. This would copy everything active. I could then store this to an exec.

    Now when I do this it will copy and show live when in the programmer but when stored to an exec it will only store the group 10 and not the other group.

    Please note this works when using basic parameters but if you apply an effect and then go group 11 at group 10 and store this is when the problem occurs.

    This has added a large amount of extra programming for me.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


    Is there any way that I can set the 'Executors without faders' buttons above the faders to be the go/back buttons for the cuelist on the fader below?


    Thanks for this Go-Button, Ill give it a try.

    LX1,2,3 are my lighting bars.

    so I am basically wanting to run the same effect at the exact same time on each lighting bar. so all bars are in sync.

    I might try create the same effect on each bar and 'sync' the effects together then store that. Might be a work around.


    I have a load of led parcans on LX1, LX2 and LX3. I have LED 1 LX1,2,3 - LED 2 LX1,2,3 and so on saved as groups so I can manage these in rows. My problem is when I create a colour or dimmer effect I want the 'row of 3' to behave the same. I have 12 rows and want to chase across each row.

    I think this needs 'group control' in effects. is there another way I could do this without creating a chase manually?


    I second Stijn Van Eetvelde.

    I would like to be able to have the fixture page on the left screen and position/color etc options on the right. every-time you clear the programmer you have to select position again and again etc. takes time, and takes its toll on the touchscreens.


    I would love to see dimming of the screens. they are bright on the eyes in show mode.
    I second having more speed faders. even just two or three - one for P/T, one for Intensity and one for Colour

    A few other requests -
    - Priority on playbacks
    - utilizing the A/B faders for speed control or rate/ exec time control.

    Thanks so much. its a great product, but these little bits really affect the quality that we can produce.