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    Hello around,

    not sure if its correct but I have sometimes problems to get a command via OSC into gMA3. I use ShowKontrol and send from there a BPM-change via far so good, it works only from time to time. If I listen in QLab to the same command from ShowKontrol it works without any I also tried to send a command from QLab via OSC to gMA3. In QLab I am able to set the duration of the command to send. If I set the duration time to less then 0.1 sec gMA3 recieve the command only sometimes, if the duration is 0.2 seconds and the refresh is 20Hz it works smooth, is the duration bigger then 0.2 or the refresh higher then 20Hz the command is executed more then then 1 time.

    Any one has an idea how I can make sure to recieve the command from ShowKontrol, every time ShowKontrol is sending it? I never have had such problems with Telnet in gMA2. And is there a specific reason why gMA3 don't use Telnet anymore?



    Hey around,

    happy new year it possible to set a speedmaster to a specific value (bpm) by command? I can use f.e. Master 3.6 at 50 which set the speedmaster 6 to 60bpm. But I found no way to set the Speedmaster f.e. to 124bpm....I would have to calculate the equal of 124 in comparission to its percentage of the faderlevel. Also by adjusting the Normedvalue I found no way....even there its only set in percent.



    I don't get you complete. You speak about the color picker that it shall be integrated....this mean you wanna use in the 1st step a color preset, taken from a color picker you created in layout view? And does your phaser contain 3 steps or 2? And what is the 3rd bump you mean?
    If you want to it in correct speed, then the speed should be 60bpm. Make sure the measure of the phaser is 1. And if you should have 3 steps, the width of each step should be 33%....but you can use it in 2 steps....width of the first step 33%, the 2nd step should be 66%

    Or should the bump be 2 seconds, 1sec for the white and 1sec for off? In this case your 30bpm would for sure be OK....if your phaser has 2 steps.

    Hello Ralf,

    you can sync the attributes with the help of the sny button. deactivate and activate it again. I don't know what you mean with AtFilter in the encoder bar.....there is only a button Link Values which switch between Single (each attribute is single activated, like with RGB only R....and with feature it would activate connected RGB belongs together. The AtFilter is a help that if you store a Sequence you not accidently store f.e. Color within the Flyout, which for sure should contain only Dimmer and Position attributes.

    Greetuz Thomas

    You are storing a Sequence onto the Executor. But what you want to do is, just store a Macro on Encoder Left/Right.
    Not in front the console right now, but store an empty cue (no active values in programmer!) then use as command for Encoder Left Group x ; Att "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 1 and for the Encoder Right Group x ; Att "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 2.

    But I don't get what you want to do with that in this way? You all time can have this work done in programmer window.

    I would more recommend to store a Sequence with the laserbeamrotation at 100% in the Sequence and assign the Encoder to Temp. Then you can increment and decrement the values like you want, without having them in the encoder. If its just for Programming case, then as well, store an empty Sequence and then add your CMD...or you can try to store the CMD in a Macro and Go+ Macro x as Command.

    Like Bentoylight explained with the U/G/S Presets. can store of course selective informations in a U/G preset. If you store you can see in the popup window the request how you want to store and in which preset mode. If the preset in the pool is empty, you can store in a different preset mode by holding the store button upon the storeoption window will open, there you can chose the store option.
    By default the preset pools are foollowing:
    Dimmer = universal
    Position = Selective
    all others = Global
    All pools you should decide yourself at best.
    You can change the behaviour of a pool by clicking on the Pool icon and change the preset mode. But I would recommand to leave it like it is, cause f.e. for colors you want to adjust not every fixture of the same type to a color. If you f.e. add a new fixture and the pool is selective, you need to do all colors again. If you have them color as Global for this fixture its automatically, cause this preset is global for all fixtures of this fixturetype. Of course if you f.e. store a preset odd fixtures are red, even blue, then you need to do store it selective.

    Hello Ralf,

    the for your behavior is that the P/T rotate priority in the fixture might be higher then the one of P/T. You should off the Control channel (choose the off value of that corresponding attribute). Then you will be able to use the position presets again. An other way, which is a bit more difficult, you must move the P/T rotation out of Control to Position. But due to are a beginner, this is nothing for start cause you have to modify the GDTF of that fixture.

    Hi there,

    I stuck in writing a Plugin which set a UserVariable plus give a symetrical view of fixtures. I used this as a Macro in MA2 cause there I was able to compare variables, which is in MA3 to be done by LUA only.

    The plugin so far work well....expect that it won't make the reset of MATricks in the end. To explain what it should do:

    1. activate Highlight

    2. call a MATricks Pool Item

    3. toggle 2 times through a selection

    4. Reset the MATricks

    5. deactivate Highlight

    It all works fine...until step 4 and 5.

    Where or how must I place this Cmd to Reset MATricks and Highlight? It need to be executed after the Timer-Function.

    This is my syntax:


    You can fix each executor as you want, then change page....

    sure I could fix...but fix is not that what I want to get ;)

    If I fix I have the executor fixed and can't use them to work with on other pages....but this is what I give you an idea maybe: I could have selections (equal which kind that is now) on the encoder execs, then on the second page i wanna attributes for this selections....and I only wanna change the encoder page cause the execs I use still for bumps....I used this button/fader exec page a lot.

    The xkeys should be inline with the other lower row with the 100 and upper row with 200. But as usual, with Fix you could prevent from changing pages. And yes, I would like to have the chance to change the 4 different pages individially.
    I could imagine something like:
    Page = like it does now change the complete page 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx
    ButtonPage = change only the 1xx button executor
    FaderPage = change only the 2xx fader executor
    Enc1Page = change only 3xx encoder/button executor

    Enc2Page = change only 4xx encoder/button executor
    But as pool it could stay like it is with the one Page Pool.....really similar to the MA2 software. It was a nice part to be able to just change Buttons or Fader-Pages

    Hey Ryan....i would be happy if it works same way as in MA2 as you could change buttonpages and faderpages individual. Its a good question how deal in case with encoder/buttons if they are linked. One idea could be, if its spanned across rows that it is like Executor fixed. An other idea it could just change and hold the setting from the previous page. I would have so many nice ideas with the encoders, but it makes only sence to me if i can change the pages individually.

    Hey would be amazing to get FaderPage and ButtonPage back to switch the Pages individual.....and additional would be great to Have Encoder1Page and Encoder2Page ;)

    Greetz Thomas

    PS: When will v1.5 finally out?