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    If you create the phaser by hand, then you need to create it for group 2 again. If your base is a predefined phaser, just select group 2, select the predefined phase and store/merge it to the selective phaser.

    Don't know, and can't explain if its a MA or Depence issue...but one step after each other.

    I have a windows 10 pro workstation (i9, RTX3080Ti, 96GB RAM,....) and run MA3 and Depence3 there. If one of these software run without any connection all is fine. As soon as I take D3 and MA3 in a session (onto the same computer) the internal computer clock jump 30-60 seconds forward each 20-45 seconds. At first I thought its a D3 issue cause I never noticed it with D2, but it is the same with D2 (it started in the combination newest D2/D3 update and MA3 on v1.8.8.2, versions before didn't make this problems).

    If I run D3 only and on a 2nd computer MA3, no issue with the internal clock. If I run MA3 on the computer and D3 on a different machine, also no issue. It only happen if a session is opened on the same computer. I can run D3 and MA3 on that macine without session and no issue.

    It can't be the BIOS battery of the computer, that I already changed. Depence support has no glue what this could be. I get for sure error messages from D3 cause it measures the time and notice a jump.

    Any idea where this issue might come from or which settings internal might be wrong?

    Universal Prestes make sense only in use of Dimmer Values....Positions should all time be selective (f.e. if you have a Fan....each Fixture has its own position. another point is, each fixture has a different range and if its universal...what would the range be?) Colors should be global to have the chance to use positions of a color wheel as well in that preset, further, a universal Color Preset only contain RGB but no RGBW or whatever other color information.

    This is a normal behaviour. If you change values. What you can do, use 2 Cuelists and use crossfade between them. you can decide which of the 2 cues are active and only change the values in the notactive cue. In MA3 you can't compare for the moment variables. You need a little LUA script to do so.

    local function main()

    local userVars = UserVars()

    local PlugPosAct = GetVar(userVars, "PositionActive")

    if PlugPosAct == 1 then Cmd("Store Preset 2.502 /m")

    elseif PlugPosAct == 2 then Cmd("Store Preset 2.501 /m")

    else Cmd("Store Preset 2.501 /m")



    return main

    its what I used a while ago...but I changed the system again, so no need for it anymore.

    Update: Its seems to be a problem with the universal phaser i used....I imported them in early days of the software. If I export one of these "old" universal phaser, they contains many more lines in XML compared to the "new" universal phaser. The biggest issue is the measure item in the Phaser line of the XML which contains a *3xxxx instead of only a value (like 3xxxx)...if I remove the * and import that Preset again, it worked fine.

    Hey around there,

    I used to build my sequences with reciepes. So far it all worked well but now I got a weired. As soon as I select a fixturegroup contain a fixturetype (in this case Elation Smarty Hybrid) the phaser size rise to 3000% (relative values). Same happen with Robe LEDBeams 150. (The Smarty GDTF is self written, the LEDBeam is the official Robe GDTF file). I exchanged the fixturetype Elation Smarty Hybrid with f.e. Elation DARTZ (also a self written GDTF) the phaser works normal and the relative values are in normal conditions (8%). I thought in first that I catched a problem of the self written GDTF, but as well the Robe LEDBeams 150? In the software v1.7 I worked with LedBeams 150 as well and there it was no problem.

    It also happen to a MA2-file (exported from internal MA-Library (GLP Impression X4 Bar 20)...the GDTF version of the X4Bar10 works smooth. Attached are some screenshots how it looks like. And weired on that...if I reimport the predefined phaser it works as expected. (I tried as well to clone Global 1 at 2 thru with no result.

    Anyone an idea? Don't wanna bother the tech support if that is no bug...guess they have enough work to do.