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    I start answering with Source you have to build them from scratch on. Point is, it all refere to the geometiries which was different in MA2.
    Emitters are only really useful if you have all different measures of the emitters of LED Fixtures. I would say, we as idividual have no chance to get the detail curves of the different LED. You can use juste RGBW...and preset a clear R,....the reason is, if you use the color picker you can match the colors better (Robe is really good in that way)....because the red what you might have look different than the one of the color picker.
    Beam Geomerty...sorry I can't say something about this.
    And if my answers are not correct I am happy if someone correct it ;)

    Be as well careful with screencontent....if you try change the views and/or screens your macro will run into an error.
    About the 2 last lines: did you check the properties in the command line?

    Go to and then create it there....most easy way, select an existing fixture there and correct it onto your needs...there are several RGB Matrix fixtures which you easily can convert to a CW/WW fixture.

    Oh and just got answer from MA tech support about the +/-....its a well known issue and they said, its like luck that it works well with +/- at groups, blocks, need a LUA code to do it.

    Forgot to answer this Question 😬

    Set MAtricks "Name" Property "XGroup" 2

    Set MAtricks (Pool Number) Property "XBlock" 3

    this I know.....was the request about +/-....and as I wrote a bit more above, there seems to be an issue with +/- at the timing options and phase.

    sometimes the solution is so easy ;)...only won't work with Timing and Phase....not sure, but this seem to be a bug. I send a request about this issue to Tech Support.....and especially with timing and phase it would be amazing....usefull setting for Encoder.

    Of course they stay together because you chose them in a block. But to fan fixtures you don't need to group them, just use the align tool in the encoder bar. If you chose / you can fan all 6 fixtures outside or inside.

    I would say that I am more then basic in LUA ;-)....anyway this Plugin is a beast!!! For me no matter how the speed is cause I use all my phaser with 60bpm and then use the speedmaster.

    Amazing Plugin Andreas!!!!...only one little question....why do label the speed from 0 to 100%? Is there a reason not to use BPM values? sure 60bpm will be 50% ;)

    Someone might have an idea how to send BPM data from gMA3 to Resolume? Sure I can tap the speed and send the tap via OSC to Resolume. Dream would be to have a readout of BPM data only at BPM change and send to Resolume.

    I get even more confused now ;-) mean you have a base color and the phaser should overwrite this base color with red? If so, then step i should be red (RGB should be 255/0/0), step 2 should be release (RGB = all colors release)