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    I agree to Andreas, the Release keyword has no options...So normally you should get an error message by using it. But who knows if its planned to implement and its like a test.

    you have no white in CMY...and you can mix all colors from RGB, that is why the universal fixture only use RGB and no RGBW. It is a bad idea to add a white in the universal fixture cause it can cause trouble as well in GDTF fixtures, especially if they use universal phaser..

    about the fader....see the answer about about RGB

    Hello around,

    is it possible to edit the Default Font Size to 14 instead of having it to 18? Its odd to load everytime the own created pool dafaults (which even didn't work correct all time, especially within the sequence pool).


    Short answer: You can't because the Universal Fixture don't have a Shutter attribute.
    Long answer: You can, but you need to update the Universal Fixture and add a Shutter attribute! But be careful with that because some fixtures have the value shutter close/open, some not...and that means as well that the values are different and so the universal value is not valid!
    Result: I would not update the Universal Fixture and you can't create a FlyOut with Shutter attribute as Universal Phaser.

    In MA3 is no need for @....check the checkboxes in the software, you wanna write it to Command Line and not execute....but also in MA3 you should set the offtime into the offcue.

    You have on each fixture (in real world) labeled what is front and what ideal world, the GDTF fixtures are build that way that they behave like a real one. If you notice that it might be wrong, you can edit the fixture type and invert P/T there in the file itself. The Invert-function in real world is mainly used if a fixture is upside-down so that you can have control by selecting all in the same direction....neverless it can happen for sure that also a fixture is placed on stage wrong and you need to quick change something, you use as well Invert....and to say, the 3D is a nice toy, but its not a visualizer and there might be a change to be done, sorry you have to take them one by one. And in the ideal world the drawing is done correct so that there is no need to in that case, you have the CAD done correct, but on stage its build what is more important?

    I would recommend to use MVR only for the fixtures. The environment I would export as 3D-Object. This has the advantage that you can get rid of all the trusses and so on which cause performance issues. And as well if you draw in VW, then use GDTF Fixtures (Modes) for the fixtures, then you don't have to manually exchange the fixtures.

    I would not recommend to update so far. For example Vectorworks for now is not compatible with Sonoma, so maybe there will be some issues. Better wait a while before updating.

    create a recipe in a cue....groups + preset + Matricks pool item
    edit the MA Tricks pool item via only need to edit delay 0 - 1 (left to right), 1 - 0 (right to left)...this both with wings=None....0 - 1, wings=2 (in to out)