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    It's not a filter...the release function...but it gives you the advantage to use MATricks if you step from a release to a value. F.e. if you want the dimmer back in your sequence you can use a delay from 0 to 1, which makes a swipe in. With your world filter this is not possible....the dimmer will appear direct. And as other way...try the edit function in preview/blind mode.

    I know that you can use only one Filtertype at the same time....but why do you want to filter an attribute out of a Sequence? You can use for example an All-Preset and then copy/m a Release into the attribute you don't wanna output...then you still have the world available to filter fixtures out.
    Only way might be that you edit the world, make the changes and update that world then (should be possible via Macro)....BUT for MA3, it is not a bad idea to overthink your workflow. are mixing worlds and filter. A world contain fixtures and a filter contain attributes. For a world its equal which attribute a fixture has, and for a filter its equal which fixture it is, it filters only f.e. Dimmer-, Position-attributes,....

    So you need to be clear that world and filters are different things. You can't remove a world from a world. You can only remove a fixture, a groups, a channel,.... from a world, same you can add it as well. And for a filter you can only remove or add an attribute, but no fixture.

    In your case, you speak about a Filter. And yes, you can add a Filter to a sequence, and you also can add and remove aatributes to that filter.

    Why you turn off green? Green is involved into a RGB chase....just it is 0 in both steps. Step 1: R100/G0/B0, step 2: R0/G0/B/100. Chose as form the square. And if you increase the speed, it depends on the kind of fixture you use, how quick this can do the transition. If the transition f.e. need close to 1 second to change the colors, then with 60bpm you won't see a real change.

    Do you speak only about the size of Movements or as well Dimmer, Color, Zoom,....? If its only related to works well (I can tell cause I use it same in my showfile).

    I do it group based. I have a stomp fader for each group. And if I want to control all groups at one, the "group fader" are under the control of a Playbackmaster....workflow is like follow. Store in sequence a group with relative 0 on Pan/Tilt of a group, assign it as Temp to an exec. Make sure this exec is not off when overwritten. This will bring, fader down (Sequence off) Size is 100%.....Fader Up (Sequence on) Phaser is 0%. You need then a remote to control this Stomp Fader with an inverted dimmer channel. Due to the Remote Fader is a Dimmer channel you can control this one with a Playbackmaster.

    there is no command to change the need to adjust the indiviual parameter in the command wing bar (this you can do by macro)...check out the different setting of the forms at ACT lighting

    one row is enough: LearnRate Master 3.1 + Master 3.3 + Master 3.4 +.... or LearnSpeed Master 3.1 + Master 3.3 + Master 3.4 + .....
    double/half speed should be done with dmx remote at best....without remote it would only be double/half and if u wanna go back to normal speed the half/double as go.....with remote it can be done as temp

    Thats really strange....update should not change the orientation of the preset. It should still stay global.
    About store /m a new color...this behaviour is well to explain. You selcted spot 1 to create the global color. So the reference is Spot 1. If you want to change the color and use Spot 4, you need to use the store option force global. If you would delete Spot 1 (f.e.) then the next avaliable Spot of the same type will be the "Global Master" to store the global preset for this Fixture Type.

    It is the club version....but I found the mistake ;-)....I used different the one which I normally use only for preprogramming I have had the OSC Syntax: /gma3/cmd s Argument.....which is the right way....and on my showbook I used as syntax /gma3/ s cmd it mostly...a user error ;)