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    This is a slightly dumb question, but I've been trying to figure it out for a bit lol. How can you view the amount of parameters that a specific fixturetype uses? Not the full patched rig, but just one fixturetype. Can't find it in patch, I know I must be missing it lol

    Thanks all

    Is there a way to create a bounce phaser similar to a bounce effect in MA2? I've had multiple instances where I've wanted to do this, but I'm not sure if it's implemented yet. Thx, J

    I've run into a number of bugs in v1.7 that weren't in 1.6 - I've been able to work around most of them, and the workflow improvements in v1.7 are nice enough that I updated my console to 1.7. But I'm hoping for a bug fix release soon!

    This is a strange bug, but ever since I upgraded to v1.7, whenever I launch MA3 onPC on my iMac, any sound currently playing through headphones immediately starts playing through the main speakers as though there were no headphones plugged in. I have to unplug my headphones and then plug them back in to get output in my headphones. The only things plugged into my iMac are power and keyboard, no MA hardware. Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on how to fix it.

    Hey folks - is there a way to have fixtures MIB if you Load a cue in a sequence, like if you need to skip ten cues or something. I did this the other day but my fixtures didn't MIB and it looked messy... Thx!

    Yes that's correct Ringen. Doesn't fade in, but fades out. At first I thought I accidentally put a 0 time into my 100% dimmer preset, but no. Still happens when using hard values. I thought maybe there was a dimmer curve issue (that just snapped to 100%) but no. And it's weird that it's on both fixture types (VL2600 spots and GLP X4s). See video:

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    So, I've been having some strange issues in MA3. I patched a whole bunch of VL2600 spots and GLP X4s, all looked good. I went to start cueing my show and the fixture's intensity parameter won't fade in cues. I made a cue, set a CueFade of 3 seconds (with fixtures intensities going to 100% from 0%), but when I run the cue the fixtures snapped on. All other parameters (color, gobo, etc.) faded in over the 3 seconds, but intensity snapped on. But the fixtures fade out in proper timing if I make a cue that takes them from 100% to 0%. Any ideas?? Thx

    So I started to program my first show in v1.5 on my Mac before I load it into my Compact XT. I selected my fixtures, went to Gobo Rot > Rotation, but I couldn't get the encoder bar to change or do anything. The gobos just spun at their fastest speed, and I couldn't slow them down. I tried adding a value in the calculator, but still nothing worked. I got around the issue by making a phaser to spin the gobos but still not great. Any ideas??? Thx

    Yes I was really hoping for a fix to the Edit/Update Cue losing Cue Name issue... I update a lot of cues for the shows I run because the rig changes day-to-day and losing the Cue Name is not fun lol. Hopefully a v1.5.3 soon!

    Is there a way to make a sequence stored on an executor button (not slide) turn off on the last click without using the off button? I turned off the wrap around, but the sequence just stays on the last cue.

    So, I went into MA3 today and when I put a group at full nothing happened in the 3d window. At first I thought my main or world master was down but they are both at full. The fixtures don't show intensity in the selection grid either, but they do in the fixture sheet. The fixtures are also not moving when I provide pan/tilt data. It's like they're frozen. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

    Hey guys! I'd love some help here, just finished cueing a song and wanted to put it on timecode (just internally generated) so that I could have it run automatically, just for fun. I've done this several times on my CompactXT but it's being serviced now so I just have the onPC. Typically I set-up my time-code, hit record, and Go+ as needed but when I set this one up and hit record, it wouldn't move past 0:00. Any ideas??? Thx