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    I just updated to and i've run into a small issue in the executor assign page when I assign an object to an executor. Before I updated to I was able to tap on the "Executor Config" button in the upper right hand corner of the assign window and a drop down window would appear where I could then select which executor button preset I wanted. It doesn't do that now. When I tap the executor config button now it just scrolls to the next preset in the list. Where can I change that to be a drop down list?

    I am also unable to create any new executor config presets in this window. It also seems that some of the buttons that had drop down menus before in the Edit Setting window of the assign window do not have them now (ex. Speed Scale, Priority). Speed Master does have a drop down menu, but both Speed Scale and Priority are acting just as I described above.

    What answer do you need?

    Does a Macro not work for you?

    Since there is literally no physical way of viewing executor buttons that are greater than 15 (116-190, 216-290, etc...) other than using the Playback Window, i'm not sure you can create a macro that does this. In my opinion this is a basic function the console should be able to perform and not sure why it's not on option.

    I currently own two MA3 consoles (Full-size and Compact XT) and I have them networked together (one at Front of House and one backstage). On my full-size I use all 30 colummns of executor buttons (101-130, 201-230, 302-330 and 401-430). I cannot for the life of me figure out how to access executor columns 16-30 on my Compact XT someplace other than in the Playback controls window. Am I missing something? Is there not a way to choose which wing I want associated with the executor buttons on the Compact XT?

    When I tap on an executor on one of my letter box screens to bring up the executor button configuration window, that window pops up on whatever screen I was using last. Before I updated to the latest release the window would pop up on the screen directly above the letter box screen with the executor button I was trying to edit. Is there a setting/preference I can change to make it act like it did before I updated to the latest release? Having the config window pop up on what seems to be a random screen is super unhelpful.

    I updated to yesterday and I just noticed that all of my color presets for my Mac Aura XB's were changed to different shades of teal. All of my color FX also followed suit. It looks like that was those were the only fixtures that were affected. Is there anything I can do to get those presets back to where they were?

    Hey everyone,

    For those of you that are familiar with Vista v3, is there a way to make matrices of fixtures in GrandMa3 the same way or similarly to Vista v3? I have an event coming up where i'm going to have a 30x3 grid of Mac Aura XB's that I want to easily create phasers for.

    Wanted to see if anyone else has run into this issue i've run into. Whenever I assign something (group, sequence, etc...) to an executor button it changes the key (go+, go-, toggle, etc...) of any executor buttons above the one I just created to "select". So, every single time I assign a new executor button I have to go in and reassign what the key is for the executors above the one I just created. Also, whenever I try to delete what's assigned to an executor button it deletes every single executor button that is above the one i'm trying to delete as well. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the software?

    I just updated my full size console yesterday to version 1.2 and now whenever I turn my console off the DMX protocol settings are gone when I boot it back up. Both artnet and sACN output enable buttons are deselected, the destination IP for ArtNet is gone, ArtNet enabled is set to "NO", my ArtNet absolute is set back to zero and sACN enabled is set to "NO". About the only bit of information that is holding is the amount of sACN universes. Has anyone run into this same issue?