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    Hey all I installed the new, and I think there is a big issue.

    After I go through and configure all my Art-Net settings and save, the settings do not recall as I set them. It doesn't matter if I turn on setup mode or not, nothing saves...

    Also, under nodes all the options to delete, cut, copy, etc are greyed out, not matter what I do. I didn't have this issue with the older version, so Ive dumped and reinstalled the older version (

    I asked a few others on a facebook forum and they confirmed the issue as well. Where can I submit a bug report. This is a big issue for us as we only use artnet...

    I am running PVP2 on a separate mac and MA on PC on a laptop.

    I am able to get MA to see the PVP box via CITP, but once I try to update thumbnails, (as other users have posted) it crashes PVP. I get the error:

    "Update thumbnails command from media server 192.168..... fail. Media server doesn't send MSEX/SINF message!"

    I think it may have to do with the profile, as I'm not sure which layer and attribs to select under CITP. If anyone knows of a good working PVP2 with CITP profile, please let me know.


    Hmm. Pretty sure I'm sending notes. I'll look at the data stream again. I'm using Ableton. Also tried with a simple virtual keyboard...

    Is there a matrix on what notes controls each attribute on the console?

    Any reason why MTC wouldn't work either?

    Thanx for help

    Hey all, I am building a show with MA OnPC, but haven't bought the Wing yet. I've been playing around trying to get MIDI to work through an external Midi Interface and also over the network.

    I've successfully passed midi data over the midi external interface and over the network (as seen via a midi monitor). I can even see the physical and virtual interfaces listed in the MA OnPC dialog box for selecting MIDI Device (yellow ball option on main screen).

    However, I do not see any data coming through the MSC display, nor do any midi controls work. I've also passed Midi timecode over the interfaces, and it fails to show on TC Window.

    I feel like I'm missing something simple, but can't figure out what I'm missing. I can only assume it wont see midi without MA hardware.

    Please save me from my insanity.