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    Hey man, gotta say a big, BIG thanks for your help with all of this and for guiding me on the different profiles. You helped me realize a lot of things through your advice and trial/error with these profiles.

    So for the Lixada 12LED pars, I ended up using fixture builder and created a new profile. They dim in & out perfectly, and the colors are assigned correctly. The only problem with them, and I've had this problem with them before, is the polarity. Some of them are reversed, which I think may be the internal wiring (I believe so because I've tested all cables and am using the same branded cables everywhere,) and for that issue I simply add a "Master Intensity" category. The pars in normal polarity work by using the "DIM" fader. The reversed polarity fixtures use the "MASTER INTENSITY" fader as the dimmer. So, for my presets, I just turn on the dim or master intensity fader for the appropriate fixtures, color to white, and put them all on an executor fader. When the exec fader is pushed up, they all dim on at the same rate!

    For the bigger 18LED pars, which are just generic & non-branded, I'm using the internal Generic IRGBWwMwCw profile, which needed no tweaking. They just work.

    And for the Mini Lixada moving heads, I also ended up using fixture builder, but imported the 11channel profile I downloaded, and tweaked the values to correct where they were wrong and exported as 9 channel. Everything on those heads works as expected, now. The only thing I don't like is the GOBO pictures being set to some martins. Like OPEN gobo isn't a white dot, it's some other weird Martin gobo. If you know how to fix that, by all means let me know, lol. Otherwise, the GOBO presets for those lights are named accordingly.

    Is it possible to fade presets? Say I have my top pars on white and want to change to yellow, but don't want them to suddenly just BAM to yellow. So when I select yellow, they just fade to it over a half second or so... (EDIT) Figured it out, by using Program Time fader under MAGIC key. But still wondering if I can fade only individual presets.

    Again, thank you so much for your replies on all of this!!

    Oohh, okay, great. Thank you for replying! Yes, that's the exact fixture I'm talking about, I have 20 of those guys. I set up my rig today to test for a gig this weekend and found I was having a LOT of issues with them. In myDMX 3.0 I can control all 8 faders and they do what they need, but I'm still learning dot2. When searching for "Lixada" in MA dot2 Share, I'm using the very first profile, "Lixada 12LED PAR Spot" since to me it looked to have all 8 channels correctly embedded. But when imported and set to full in dot2, they either strobe or do nothing and colors are whacked out. I'll give your suggestion a shot on those other profiles for this fixture.

    Edit: I've played with those fixture profiles you suggested, and they work much, much better than the Lixada profile. However, they don't dim up or down when the dim fader is moved. It's either on, off, or strobe. How can dimming on and off be achieved?

    Also, I have 4 of these:

    All in 9 channel mode. The profile I'm using for these is the " Lixada Mini MH Wash" automated revision. So far I've only gotten them to stay in show mode..?

    I have two Chauvet 375z IRC's also, and those seem to be working as expected. Also, does dot2 have a polarity flip? The DMX signal light on some of those 12LED fixtures is blinking, while others are solid. I'm using all DMX cable. Thank you for your help!!!

    I have a few LED fixtures (Lixada 12-LED pars) patched in, and when I select them in the fixture viewer and hit the "Full" key, they light up with a red color instead of white. How can I get them to default to white? All other fixtures default to white when full on. Thanks!