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    Thank you! I had read that, but probably glossed over it because it sounded sales-like. I guess we would have expected to see something like this in the list of specs. In any case, thank you for taking the time to clarify. No doubt that is THE big difference!

    Good afternoon,

    What would you say the main difference is between the command wing and command wing XT in terms of what their use cases are? It looks like the command wing would be better for previz since you don't need to output to a network via Ethernet jacks. The command wing XT looks like it is better for real output since it can connect to a network. Also, we see that the XT version has 4 display ports. Since we'd be using OnPC on a computer, wouldn't we just be able to use the normal computer screens to have multiple screens? We're just trying to figure out if there are major drawbacks to either version. Any thoughts?



    Hi Ryan,

    Selecting the appropriate MAtricks with wings set to 2 and then pressing the "create" button in the step creator worked me. In MA2, we could set wings to -2 which would make pan (for example) symmetrical. I suspect I could create a symmetrical look in a round about way, but was hoping for something as simple as setting the wings to -2 as in MA2. Any suggestions?