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    And the 2nd line is connected to the same switches? A big NoNo - you are creating a short circuit since the switches have to decide which line they will actually use.
    2nd guess: 1Gb over Cat 5 at 100m is also asking for trouble. UTP vs FTP also makes a huge difference.

    Edit: i see what you mean. But i don´t mean fysical lines. Just a second line on the MA artnet config tab.

    Normaly you can unicast 2 devices on the same network, no?

    Is the cable actually 100 Meters, though that is technically valid it's almost like driving on the autobahn without a seatbelt, it might be fine, until it's not.

    I'd try adding another switch (provided you have less then 7)1/2 way if you can or somehow reducing that length.

    I've also had luck in a pinch on long cables configuring the switch to 100mbps links provided you don't have anything that requires 1gbps

    Yeah it was a rol of 100m in 1 piece that goes from foh switch to backstage switch. Going to try to reduce the lenght somehow. I need fiber ^^ but the rental company doesn´t have it but are going to invest in it now :)

    nothing really related to the software. I´m using a quite complex artnet network but during programming and playback the network freezes sometimes which can´t happen on showtime this weekend.

    I have a ma3 onpc system with a qlab connected to the eachother via OSC in a network switch at foh. Then from the switch i needed to run the artnet via 100m utp to the node on stage which then divides in another switch to the resolume video server and 4 epix drives to run 64 strips.

    If i broadcast then the epix flickers but the lights run smooth. If i unicast to the node and make a second line to unicast the video server then the flickering stops but then the network freezes and drops sometimes.

    Any pointers where to look maybe? I guess the lenght? In total i have 71 universes so artnet should be able to run all that stuff normaly. Thx!

    So stomping it in cue five does not work? Select fixtures stomp please and then store. It should work like that but on tracking shows there is something strange going on with phasers that I dont understand.

    Hopefully someone wiser can help You here more.

    No it keeps the tracked values. I´m keeping my store on other executors buttons and launch with cmd at the moment. Extra work but it gets the job done. Thx!

    So i´m busy programming a danceshow but having trouble releasing/stomping phaser that are in the cuelist. If i add a ohaser in cue 3 and don´t need it anymore in cue 5 or so then the tracked phaser keeps on running and i can´t find how to remove it.

    Now i work around to store phasers on seperate executors and write an empty cue in the cuelist with a cmd to start and stop the phaser but it is to mucj extra work. What am i doing wrong? Thx!

    Hi all!

    I tried the search to no avail so i fear this hasn´t been added.

    Is there a possibility to export the patch into a nice csv file? I like to take my patched fixtures with their respective dmx adres on paper to hand out to the build crew. No i don´t have a full blown out visualizer yet 😁

    Or can i use the mvr export and let the light company load it into their capture and print it on paper?

    Thx! And sorry if this has been asked before.

    All the best!

    So a low profile gpu is needed 🙂 I´ll start the hunt for a card. Thx! I´ll update this when it still occurs.

    Please post a screenshot of the System-tab and of the Display-tab of the Windows10 inbuilt DirectX Diagnostic Tool:…g-directx-diagnostic-tool

    Hi Andreas, i followed your steps.

    A pic of the system and of monitor 1 and 2.

    Thx for looking into it! Appreciate it!

    Hi all!

    First of all i have contacted the distributor too but we can´t figure out why the system keeps on crashing.


    Itx motherboard

    Win 10 pro

    16gb ram

    512 ssd

    I7 10th gen 10700

    Dual touchscreen via nvidia 630 onboard gpu

    Only timecode via smpte in the wing at the moment.

    MA onpc 1.6.7

    At random moments when programming or playback the system just shuts down with error hex code 0xff

    It is starting to get unusable and i need my setup badly. This has happend during show and during rehearsel/preprog.

    The photo is from today. 3 times it happend in 2 hours or so.

    Anyone maybe got an idea?

    Thanks a million!!