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    Hey, I am trying to automate the building of a few layout views via syntax.

    I can assign the fixtures to the layouts and open the setup bar however I need a way to assign the camera to the fixtures.

    I have the following macro

    • selfix group "ShowFixtures"
    • assign layout "ShowTop2D" /merge /noconfirm
    • call view "Layouts"
    • Select Layout "ShowTop2D"
    • Edit ScreenContent 1.1.1 Property 'Setup'
    • Edit ScreenContent 2.1.1 Property 'Setup'
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property "Arrangement"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'ArrangeOnChange' "true"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'LayoutType' "Camera"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'Camera' "Top"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'Scale' "1"

    I cant get the final two lines line to work, have troed many alternatives but cant find the solution in the manual or anywhere else.
    What ideas do you have.


    Hi, sorry for the delay of reply.

    The purpose for a single shot is for Even/Odd Fly Ins,

    Cue 1 is half the rig selected doing a single fly in,

    Cue 2 is the other half of the rig.

    (Speed is X2 or X4 scale of the speed master so that each fly in is exactly only half of the time between beats)

    This needs to be single shot so I can tap exactly on the beat, I have other Fly effects which are built into the file.

    Sure, I can build fly ins on the cues and parts of cues, but I still need to set the effect/ fly time from a tap tempo which this does not allow for, this is a busk file I am building and not for a particular timecoded song. So build theatre style cues isn’t really the ultimate solution.



    Hi I am looking to add an environmental object into the 3d which I can use the follow tool to focus positions upon.

    The GDTF files I have imported are not able to be focused upon. I was hoping to find a sphere, additional plane, or something I could add via the patch that can be targeted via the focus tool.

    So far I can still only focus on the main stage planes.

    I know you used to be able to add additional planes in the old MA2 3D which was perfect for this.



    Hi Andreas, thanks for that. Its great to see the asterisk command also targets the zerocue and offcue.

    I think the syntax which allows for targeting of the active cue is an extremely good idea, It will become very useful for other applications.

    I know everyone probably flat out on improving the software, but little more detail of the syntax in the manual for not just this topic but most topics would be ideal.


    I use [sequence x cuefade x] which works great and also sets the offcue time.

    However this stops working once the sequence is on/active. The command then only sets the time of the cue that is active.

    The following command works, however it does not set the offcue time

    [sequence x cue 1 thru cuefade x]

    Is there any other command that sets the the fade time of all cues while active, along with the offcue fade time? Alternatively is there a separate command which individually sets the offcue fade time?

    I have tried many options trying to target the offcue itself, but I have found no solutions so far.

    Any ideas?

    Looking for my one true MA3 wizard. <3

    I am 90% of the way through building my file and have encountered this strange bug for the second time.

    All layout views no longer let me resize, move, or interact with the objects inside of them from the mouse, including newly created layouts.

    As I try to interact with the object it very quickly selects and then un-selects itself, as show in the attached video. I can still manually right click on the item and adjust it, but that is not ideal when trying to move multiple items.

    I have checked all of the settings under the layout view window. Restarting the software and reloading the file does not help

    Creating a new file does fix the issue, but due to the the many hours I have put into this file it is not an option to start from scratch.

    I first encountered this issue when updating from to, all of my 1.4 files had this same issue when trying to open in 1.5

    I have since upgraded to where I restarted building my file as it wasn't very far along in 1.4.

    I have just done a full reinstall of on my PC and there is still no improvement.

    If anyone can solve this it would be greatly appreciated

    I really don't want to rebuild this file from scratch again ||

    Apologies for the attached phone video, it was the easiest option to demonstrate my point.…iew?usp=sharing




    I have rolled back to a backup.

    I have lost a bit of work but have the layouts working again.

    It stopped working while I was building a bunch of macros that were just a goto trigger and a bunch of appearance copys.