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    I'm having hard times on updating (at least) the phase parameter into the presets.

    Also seems that if I'm running a relative position phaser and then choose an absolute position for those fixture, the result (I think) is that the absolute value is added to relative (and not like that relative is substracted from absolute which I think might be the 'correct' way?). If, however, I first choose an absolute position and then choose a relative position phaser and then choose a new absolute position, all works fine.

    I've also complained about this before, but it seems that temp faders don't care about auto stop (off) settings in sequences settings. Which makes them pretty awful to use as size masters. Could it be I'm trying to use them in a wrong way?

    And sadly I think there's lots and lots of minor little bugs and oddities all over the place. It's quite annoying and odd really.


    Hi, here's another question:

    Gma3 I have a sequence with multiple cues having different (relative) p/t phasers on them. I'd like the fader control the size of the effect, so I assigned it as a temp. 'Auto start' and 'stop' are off. I go through different cues (tiltmoves, circle etc..) with GO. Everytime after GO, raising the (temp)fader acts as GO for the next cue (but only after pressing the actual GO first. Also turning off the temp fader launches the off-cue (despite 'auto stop' being off). How can I prevent the temp fader from auto starting and stopping?

    And if there's a better or more useful way to achieve what I'm trying here, what would it be?

    Hi again.

    I have a group of leds and I'm busking them with programmer, say, all are red and intensity on 50. With another sequence, I'd like to momentary flash them full on and white. Then back to what ever there is in programmer. I cannot manage, I've tried all kinds of priorities and temp faders so far, but after the "whiteblind" sequence goes off, the programmer seems to be empty? How would you people do this? Is there something wrong with busking via programmer (somehow it seems to me, that many people prefer to record colours as cues)?

    I've got the same question. This really confuses me. After a year and half of waiting, I finally can use midi features with my onPCnode and yet still, I am missing features which I got used to with gma2. "Quite annoying" actually.

    Whoa, where did you find those numbers in the first place? I got it working also, now that I found your discussion, but I didn't find anything about those in the manual?


    Just got a brand new gma3 onPC 2Port Node 2k out of a box. It has version in it and I am trying to update to following these orders:…dMA3/update_xports/en/1.1

    However when I turn on the node with the usb, it the screen just goes full white, not prompting anything about the update. On a smaller flashdrive of 1 GB it boots normally after a while, on larger (32GB) it just stays full white.

    So far I've tried with different drives and formatting them again (FAT32 as it is told) and copying the files and 2 directories both from mac OS and PC but with no success.

    Does this sound familiar? Is there any other way to update the software?