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    Hmm. I error out with a point cue with this

    SetUserVar markDestCue ( Mark Into Cue Number )

    Store Cue $markDestCue /merge Selection If EncoderPage 2 thru 9 EndIf

    I have a macro which calls for a numerical value (cue number). If the cue number is a point cue, the macro fails because it's trying to store to a cue like 5.70000 and likely is listing it as a floating point number (?). How can I truncate the number so that the console variable can interpret it correctly?

    Workaround is to leave fixtures parked, save the show, and restart the console. They don't appear in programmer anymore when I enter a world that doesn't have them.

    I see. Not very intuitive. I would have expected 1.1 thru 7.1 thru, but 1 thru 7. thru is a curveball for sure.

    1 thru 7 selects parent of fixtures 1 thru 7 but doesn't make sub fixtures available

    1. thru selects only sub fixtures of 1

    But why wouldn't the console select the parent fixtures when you say 1 thru 7. thru - can't follow the logic there.

    Anyway. Thanks for the tip.

    Trying to create a 2 Wing Offset of intensity over 7, 12 cell fixtures.

    On MA2 if I grabbed fixtures 1 thru 7 and then applied MAtricks 2 wing, then did a phase of 360 thru 0 on intensity, I would get the effect crawling to the center of the fixture selection from the ends. Doing the same thing on MA3 just does the whole fixture and not over the individual cells, fine, so I select fixtures 1 thru 7 DOWN and then apply the MAtricks 2 wings and then do phase 360 to 0. Problem is it does the offset within each fixture and not over the range.

    What am I missing here?

    If I park a fixture and then open a fixture sheet with the Prog Only mask, the parked fixture still shows. Is currently no way to hide the fixture? (Moving parked fixture to another world also won’t hide it)


    I think any attribute that uses percent.

    Gotcha. I thought the DataPools pool only existed in the import/export window. Didn't look in the window setup.

    I'm still getting buggy results on trying to import presets from different shows. Even specifying a merge will act like an overwrite.

    I mean when you're looking at the DataPool pool. I can select the Default DataPool item from the left and then Export to the right. Then upon opening a new show and importing the exported DataPool item, I see it appear in the pool, great. Then let's say I go to the Macros in the Import/Export window. I can select the imported DataPool from the select at the top right and all of the macros are shown in the macro pool. But it's here I don't know what to do, I see them all but what can I do with them. Import doesn't do anything and if I exit the Import/Export menu, the macros divert to what they were before. So I guess what am I missing?

    Not sure what you mean by "can't actually do anything with it"? Some things you can do with DataPools:

    • Select a different DataPool and work inside it
    • Copy items from one DataPool to another
    • Reference items from other DataPools

    The only hitch at the moment is that pools currently can only look at the Selected DataPool, so you have to Select a different DataPool to easily be able to see what's in it. In the future, there will likely be a WindowSettings option for any given window to look at a specific DataPool (kind of like how a Layout View can follow the Selected Layout or look at a specific one).

    Trying to approximate a PSR import, getting palettes, macros, filters, from an old show file into a blank new one. I'm guessing it has something to do with DataPools but I can't get it to stick.

    I can export a datapool and then import it into the new show. When I cycle the DataPool button at the top right to cycle to the imported DataPool, it doesn't stick and reverts to Default when I close the Import/Export window.

    I know that I can export individual items but that doesn't help when I want to keep everything exactly as laid out in the previous show.