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    Finding all sorts of surprises with v1.3.1.3.

    I had been storing my Phasers within Preset page All 5 (25)

    Updated software, and found that the buttons to add Preset pages All 4 and All 5 from the Add Window menu are missing in v1.3.

    Thankfully I did have All 5 stored in a view and am able to gain access to them again that way, but... why???

    Just found another issue related to having OffCue Fade times:

    Created a 6 Cue Sequence.

    Each cue has a .5s fade time, Trigger Type = Go

    Handle assignment = Go+ or Toggle (Exec 102)

    Restart Mode = Current Cue

    When the OffCue Fade time = 0s, the Sequence will restart in the current cue as expected.

    However, when OffCue Fade time = .5s, the Sequence will restart at cue 5 always...regardless of which cue the sequence was turned off in, oddly.

    Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this:

    Created a 4 Cue Sequence for manually bumping intensities.

    Each cue has a .1s fade time, Trigger Type = Go

    Handle assignment = Temp (Exec 101)

    Wrap Around = Enabled

    Restart Mode = Next Cue

    When the OffCue Fade Time = 0s, the Sequence advances with each button press and wraps around back to cue 1 without issue.

    However, when OffCue Fade Time = .1s, the Sequence advances until Cue 4 and does not wrap around.

    I was getting around this by using "load next sequence "Label" in the OffCue CMD line, but that trick seems to no longer work in


    I tried the above exec configuration with Go+ Sequence # as the CueZero command, but the previous cue would flash for a split second before advancing. It was very close, but not quite right.

    Instead, try Load Next Sequence # as the OffCue cmd. I found it resulted in a much cleaner bump hit.

    Your mileage may vary.