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    I just tried to update my console from to, but something went wrong. Now it wont ga futher then the boot screen and it says it cant load the kernel.

    Does anyone has a sollution for this?

    hope to hear from you soon!

    Greetz RP

    I was playing with the dot and dot onpc. I linked them together, and i had the option to also link dot3d. I assume you can have a full 3d of your show. This is something i still haven't time for to try or program. But this could be the trick.

    As go-button wrote, it would be great if you could see the level the fader is in. However if it is possible I personally would appriciate it if you could change the faderbank and use the same fader without closing the previous output. For example, on fader 1 on bank 1 you have a dimmerspread with some moving heads and on fader 1 on bank 2 you have a tiltspread for the same lights. It would be great if you could use them on the same time.

    I had an event with a purpose build LED Wall. Therefor i needed to use more then 50 generic rgb fixtures (just rgb nothing more). It worked okay until number 33, then it looks likes there is an change in the dmx adresses for 1 fixture. When highlighted it is colored yellow instead of white, but when i highlight number 34 that one turns white while number 33 turns blue.
    Before someone asks, i patched 100 fixtures in 1 go. And also changed the fixtures, and the problem stayed at that fixture nummer.


    the problem with the USB is that when i connect it to the dot 2, the software says it can't see a USB stick. The stick does work on other tables like avolites, soundcraft, digico and Midas. So the stick works.

    I Will try to format the stick again and see if that helps.


    I grot 2 questions about the dot2 after playing with it for 2 days.

    Is there somewhere an shut down button exept for the one at the powerconnector?
    Also i wonder where you can assign universes to the xlr-busses. For example, is it possible to patch to universe 9 And change it to an extra DMX out or can you patch universe 6 to xlr-bus 2?