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    thinking of it, the statement in previous post applies only if you have a lot of fixtures but in a grid on multiple rows, or grouped by MAtricks

    There is a limitation of how wide selectiongrid that can bounce, as the wait period (after decay, before next attack), cannot be greater than 100 fixtures, so for a hardbounce the max width is ca 50 fixtures as the first and last would then wait ca 100 fixtures

    (1% stepwidth = 1 fixture, and it is not possible to set the step width above 100% via the Lua API)

    ok Thank you for the explain, this make sense. anyway so great work, i still try to understand how 8 step can make a bounce eheeh, I tried in 100 modes to put in the programmer parameters without reach a bounce.

    Thank You Andreas

    Building a phaser that appears to bounce, is a lot of work...

    - unless you use this plugin...


    Hi Andreas, i'm testing your plugin and it's just amazing, but i see something strange if the Selection it's big, i so after 130 element in row some issue of sync. do you have same result or it's something in my show file?

    the .. are concatenate for the LUA var, as far as I know, (I could be wrong)

    You can use the ".." to concatenate VAR, but it will give an error if you use it and there is nothing to concatenate.
    You can have a Concatenate for the begin and for the end,
    Some example how you can use it :
    Cmd("select page "..pageNo.." executor "..executorNo.."") If you want to put after "executorNo" you can but you need to concatenate with something, in the example ""

    Cmd("FaderMaster Page " ..pageNo.."."..executorNo.." at 100 fade 3")

    All the time that you need to concatenate a Var with String (in this case with CMD Function) you need to use the ..

    in your code i see 2 error for my knowlegde in the end of ..executorNo you dont have to put the '..' anche in the function you don't need to declare the pageNo and ExecutorNo, the code i put here it's tested and working

    Hi to Everyone, i need to write a code that use Value from an XML file. for my test now I'm trying to do it from and XML that are preset colours and i want use those information to make new preset.

    The code in example it's my test, it's a part of the colour Library, I can see the attribute as a individual Name and Individual Value and a name for a preset, I'm lost in the moment that i need to match them.

    So my goal it's to set some variable with this value to be able to store a preset with this value and then pass to another preset til the end.

    Does anyone can help me out to structure the code?
    Thank you

    There is a way, but not very fast,

    You need 4 CUE, i prefer do it with recipe because the i can change the aspect easily.

    Example :
    Group 1
    Preset Dimmer.1 (FULL)
    Preset Dimmer.2 (ZERO)

    Name    :     Selection   :   Value  :  Fade From x :  Delay from x   : Delay To x 
    Cue 1          Group 1          1.1        0.2              0               2
    Cue 2          Group 1          1.2        0.2              0               2
    Cue 3          Group 1          1.1        0.2              2               0
    Cue 4          Group 1          1.2        0.2              2               0

    All The cue with follow Trig Type.

    Like this you can thank to the Recipe change the aspect.

    For the cue 2 and 4 where the dimmer go out, I usually put in trig type "TIME" because like this i have more control of how many fixture will stay ON.

    I hope this will help you.

    Hi to everyone, i'm trying do make the plugin to get the currentuser and then use that information but i have some problems

    the first row works perfecly and in the 5 row i can read correctly the Local Var write as the 2 row for example, but it will not work inside at the for i loop, it give me an error

    As you can see the printf(SG_View) have the correct syntax but will not work.

    if i use the second row and comment out the 4th row, works perfectly.

    What im doing wrong?

    But it’s stomps pan and tilt for a whole group not just for the movement. If you save the movement to a fader and change the fader to temp it is size by default. But if you stomp pan tilt for a group and save that as a temp fader it will size fade any movement effect for said group. Unfortunately in practice if you engage a new movement after reducing the size of a previous movement, the fader position doesn’t carry over. So you have to drop the fader before it will continue to work.

    Unless I’m doing something wrong, I’d love to not have to add this macro so all my movements.

    HI, the fader where you have the relative to zero with the tempo function must to be in a High priority then the sequ where you have the effect so if you set to 50% any effect Will be influenced


    Here below is an example that shows how to use Set, Create and Insert functions as well as using double quotations.

    Hi Luke your help it's been really great.

    I wish to go a little head, and probably I have some gap of knowledge so sorry if it's a silly question,

    It's possible work also with range? like the

    MacroObject:Create( MacroNumber ) -- but not do it for one number but say already create from 1 to 50 ?

    Hi Forum, i trying to make a fader that will stomp my Relative Phaser.

    I tried some different workflow, but i'm still stuck.

    the idea it's have a fader for control the size of a phaser that it's running,

    I can easily do it if i need to control just one. So function temp directly on that sequence, but if i want use the same fader for more sequence i can't archive it.

    Already tried :

    One fader with those fixture with 1 step value on relative layer at 0 pan 0 tilt.
    The problem of this way, it's it will overridden the the sequence with the effect and turn it off.
    I need the offwhenovveridden so only the last phaser i launch will be always on.

    I tried also:
    WIth DMX in mapping in the DMX In more row for the same value that will move the temp fader of my Sequence with the phaser.
    The problem it's that the fader temp will turn on the sequence even if the AutoStart if off.

    Only Solution i FIND :
    Stack all the effect under the same sequ with different CUE.
    So i can Scroll the Effect i need. or i can make some macro to recall the cue i want.
    One fader in temp mode set with those fixture with 1 step value on relative layer at 0 pan e 0 tilt. this for a bucking showfile can be done fast with Recipe
    The 2 sequence with the offwhenoverriden set "Off" and the sequence for the Size at high Priority, the solution of the Priority will make sure that when i change cue in the Sequ of selection, it will be keep in Proportional of the Size of the effect.

    This allow me also to put a function flash to the Size Fader for bring out in the stage the abs position and that restartit by releasing the Button.
    Edit: not this doesn't work, if you have set a temp fader and flash it, it will not move.
    I would like to have a way with the phaser separate in different sequence, so if you guys have other ideas, let talk it.

    you can just use the names of the encoder page, so if you have a show without the feature gobo and you call the colour will be not on beam.

    As you did it's just a number of the Feature you have able, and in your screen the 4th it's the beam.

    Select EncoderPage "Color" etc...

    Hi Guys,

    I'm try to set a value from the patch to a variable.

    For example get the information of the fixture 1 about the Property "ROTX"

    SetUserVar SG_ROTX Fixture 1 Property ROTX

    But i can't have success i tried in many way.

    And Do you know why i can't do math thru CMD to those property?

    Like if a want add 1 meter to the "POSZ"

    Set Fixture 1 Property POSZ +1

    this will go to the Z +1, will not add the 1 at the POSZ

    Hi Guys,

    I'm tried to make a syntax that will copy all the part I have in a cue to the next cue,

    My problem it's not always the number of the cue it's just one number, like Cue 1 or Cue 2, i have some can be Cue 2.4 etc.

    There is a way to get the Part from the prev Cue whatever is the number and copy them to ne next?

    Right now im do it with 4 line macro

    Copy Part 1 thru


    Paste Part 1 thru

    I Would like to don't do the go+ and go-
    Thank you all for support.

    When you type HelpLua in the command line, it will export all the gMA3 Lua Functions into a text file in your gma3_library folder.

    You can find it’s location in the System Monitor after you type the command.

    It’s a kind of API documentation and might take while to wrap your head around the syntax conventions.

    The best way to understand it would be to look at the descriptions of the functions that you already know :)

    Great , I always look to that file and also to the manual, so now i looking to read somewhere how to find how your logic of those command.

    Everything is base on the Function ROOT()

    In the file there is this : Root(nothing): light_userdata:handle

    In the manual the "Handle" for lua :

    Many functions require a handle as an argument or return a handle.

    The handle is a custom data type called "light_userdata".

    The handle is a unique identifier that refers to a grandMA3 object, for instance, a specific sequence, cue, preset, or fixture.

    From the doc, i understand at least Root(): ShowData.DataPools.Default.Macros due it's write like that I can't see the single dot in the API.
    but we can think it's a rule from Lua language and it's always like this. ok this.

    So correct me to how exactly read this and be independent

    Set(light_userdata:handle, string:property_name, string:property_value[,Enums.ChangeLevel:override change level]): nothing
    Root(nothing): light_userdata:handle

    Root().ShowData.DataPools.Default.Macros [1] : Set ( "Name", "Hello" )
    --the funtion "Root()" follow by the root that I need, then in the [] the number --from the API where i get this Need --i mean the []? 
    --then :  -- are the light_userdata or the handles of the funtion Root()?

    then Set ( "here the first one it's the string of the property name? in the api the first it's light_userdata" , "the string of the value that i want.")

    The only thing i can't see it's why there are the \\ in the

    MacroObject[ MacroNumber ][ 1 ]:Set( "Command", "Label Sequence 1 \"Hello World\"" )

    It's a base syntax for lua? i cant see the sense of the \" here the string \" or to put another quote inside the lua you need to put the slash before?

    Thankyou for all the information.