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    Sometimes i find in the big change of the patch not all the Graphic get reload correct, the object are there but you can't see it.

    As you say restart is a solution, or you can use in the command line this command "ReloadUI" this solve me always this kind of problem.

    For now when i need to interact with the encoders i use "EncoderPage" for you need i then with use :

    At 0 EncoderPage 4

    For now i saw the EncoderPage 4 is always the color BUT for not problem in the future you can use also the syntax color

    At 0 EncoderPage "Color"

    For the single attribute you can check the list typing in the CMD "List Attribute"

    Syntax is :
    Attribute "Name" at "Value"
    attribute ColorRGB_R at 100

    You can leave all the timecodes to AutoStart, and have for each track a different timecode offset.
    Like first at 0m.0s.0f
    then 10m.0s.0f
    then 20m.0s.0f

    Like this you can play any different song and the correct timecode.

    in MA3 in the setting of the timecode you have the "Offset TC Slot" so you can program/playing the timecode from 0 in the timeline.

    In Reaper anyway you can by put another timecode Generator with a different point of start. (Right-Click--> source proprieties --> Start)

    I hope this can be useful for you

    Group at group:

    When using syntax "Groupx at Group Y" over groups with identical amount of fixtures the values are not cloned correct: I have two groups containing 4 fixtures. I set the first group to the needed pan values ( -120, -110 ,-80, -70)

    When using syntax "Group 2 at Group 1" a popup opens, i choose "High Priority" (because "Low Priority" doesn't do anything) now the fixtures from group 2 have these values ( -110, -80, -70, -70). The clone is not executed well, it won't take over the correct values from the original fixtures and applies the wrong values to the second group

    Hi MArk
    I would like share with you a simple image i create for the sintax "Fixture at Fixture " or in your case Group at group

    I hope this can be usefull.

    No worries. just fair warning I have not updated it for 1.5, and a fair amount has changed so things might be broken or incorrect.

    Don't worry is already a lot like this,

    Do you know may why i can't make division?
    I can do all the other math but not the division.

    local count = SelectionCount()

    Printf("Selected Count: %d", count)

    local div = 2

    local half = count / div

    Printf("Selected Count: %d", half)

    Many times the half of your selection is useful to have i tried many way but not result.

    Hi Hoss, thank you for your answer, so if i want set that "input" to a var for later use in the plugin how i should do?

    Do i need to declare if is string or number or else?

    With the TextInput not problem i make it work but i wish have one popup for collect different value to save it in var and use it in the plugin.

    Hi All,
    Im Tring to make a simple Lua to get multiple input to use then in the Lua but i have some problem.

    function BOX()

    local options = {

    title="LEST GOOOO", --string

    backColor="Global.Focus", --string: Color based on current theme.

    messageTextColor=nil, --int|string

    message="Please \nSet \nThe Value", --string

    display= nil, --int? | handle?


    {name="Numero", value="", blackFilter="", whiteFilter="0123456789", vkPlugin="TextInputNumOnly", maxTextLength = 6},



    local Ciao = MessageBox(options)

    local messageBoxResult = MessageBox(messageBoxOptions);

    prova = string.gsub(messageBoxResult["inputs"][Numero],v , "")


    return BOX

    Anyone can help me with the structure?