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    Yesterday i had the Problem with 1.7 that my Recepies lost their Value (in my case some of the predefined phasers).

    In the preprogramming Session everything worked - on Location all links were gone. I dont know what caused this issue.

    After i reprogrammed all Recepies i had no Problems during the show.

    I wrote a little Plugin, which recalculates the phase for an even phase spread. It's my first plugin - so maybe it needs some improvement / testing.

    1) Select your fixtures (it works with linear selections via the SelectionCount() Lua function - xAxis)
    2) Enter your settings like: 2 blocks, 2 wings
    3) Press ok - and the corresponding phase will be displayed

    I hope MA will come up with an integrated solution / setting, whether the phase should be exactly as you enter - or auto recalculated for an even spread.

    But while we wait - maybe its a help for someone here. :)

    I can only agree with anything that is said here... But i found a way for me on Apple devices to - at least - a readable solution...

    I use the Safari browser and scaled the website zoom settings to 50 % on iPhone and iPad.
    On the iPhone in horizontal orientation there is a setting "horizontal tab bar" which hide the url bar, which helps a little bit.

    On the iPad

    On the iPhone


    Hey there,

    i tried to load my showfile from Ver. into Ver. and some things are happening:

    • My User is resetted and even the Admin User got no Views
    • All my Pages are deleted (only Page 1 exists with no executors)

    I put down two screenshots of the system monitor after trying to load the file 1.1 (works) and 1.2 (not working).

    The Sequences still exists in both show files in ver. 1.5.
    I checked for differences, but stopped the searching after a few boring hours...

    Any ideas? :)

    I think it is :
    Off Page 1 Thru 100.*

    If you want to turn off specific executors on pages you can use:

    Off Page X.Y

    X is the page number
    Y is the executor, for example 201

    You can enable "Cast Shadow" for the Curtain Object / Fixture in Patch. Make sure you select a Beam Quality "Gobo Shadow" or higher in the 3D window.

    Hey there,

    I am wondering about a specific behaviour of the new MATricks with the Phase function.

    I create a simple Dimmer Chase with no Transition and store it as a preset.

    I call the preset and set the Phase in the Encoder Bar from 0 thru 360 and everything works fine. (As you see in the selection grid)

    Now the same with the MATricks window. I call the preset and set the Phase from 0 thru 360 in the MATricks. But now the Phase is not distributed the same way like via the encoder bar.
    The last Fixture on X Axis starts the same time like the first Fixture on X Axis.

    When i change the phase to 0 thru 320, the first fixture starts AFTER the last fixture - as it's supposed to be, i guess.

    Do you have the same behaviour? Is it something new i don't understand / can not figure out? :D
    Of cause, this is the same with presets that get their phase values in a receip.

    (I use the OnPC on a Windows PC.)

    Is the Master Priority of both Stations the same? And what is it?

    Did you start the Network functionality on both stations after you set the settings? (On/Off button down right)
    Do you see both stations in the network window (dropdown onPC) on the cmd wing PC?

    If the MasterPriority is set to normal for both stations, the station which is longer online will become the global master and the other connected. (correct me if i am wrong) This would explain the second behaviour (that the MacBook becomes global master)

    I spend some time behind the desk and here is a simple work around.

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    Have Fun. :)