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    Oh, i really decided to take a 27" one. But with a higher Resolution (2560x1440 - 4K with touch is not available at present).

    26" fits better, but there is nothing available in that format. The 27" one is 66cm in width and the Wing is 62cm. So these are "only" 4cm more for me..

    It didn't reach me yet, but i hope it will work (and look) good (still got no Wing yet...).

    The reason why i decided that way is that i can have several windows opened and i can adjust them in that way, that the encoder function is right above the corresponding encoder (or maybe if i find it more important later the Playback is above the corresponding fader or knob...) like it is at the real hardware consoles.

    So now anybody can read this and hopefully it helps someone else to get "her/his" perfect onPC-Solution!

    jpsound: Thanks a lot for your pictures! Maybe i can include a 7" one in the future, too...

    Yes. Thats an idea. But two 19“ horizontally is to much for my case. 62cm is the maximum in width (thats important for my complete DJ-Setup). And two 19“ vertically mounted fits good.

    But is it better for programming to have two screens (vertically) or is one screen with two windows on it a better way to handle MA3? ?

    Or is it not important to think about that?


    i'm not really familiar with MA3 (even with MA) for now. But I'm learning and planing (in the meantime) to build my own MA3 Wing onPC-Desk.

    But what would be the suggestions from the 'Pros': Is it better for programming to use two smaller Monitors (I'm thinking about 2x19" TouchScreens 90° rotated) or might it be better to have one big Monitor (a 27" Touch-Display with 2560x1440 Pixel is what i have in mind - what is about the size of two 19" Screens with 90° Rotation)? :/

    The ProgramData-Folder is a System-Folder in every Installation (even in MA2). Don't worry about that (As a Newbee i even can't understnad why...).

    Have You got any problems due to that? So you can change it with th Windows System if you want. But i don't think that this is the best idea...

    And if you choose another input than the Laptop Mic, in the Windows System, then onPC will use another input for Sound2Light things.

    Yes. That works on existing screens. But MA3 tries to open the windows on screen that are not connected to the PC. And that might make a 'difference'...

    And I think there might be some other users who will come to this issue and maybe they don't know this 'old trick'. ;)

    I found out another little bug(s) with MA3 onPC

    When you work with onPC on several external screens on a latop, then the positon of the MA3-Screens will be maintaiend even when the external screens are not present any more.

    This will happen also when you restart the complete Computer. So onPC is working as if the external screens are still there and you have no chance to get the screens back to the main screen of the laptop until you link to the external screens and then bring back the external screens manually to the main screen.

    Oh, and if i am connected with my Bluetooth-Headset, onPC seems to 'steal' the sound (because i can't hear anything then) and in the Command window there will be a long list of repeatetd error commands (i have not in mind what it was exactly - but i can find it out if it is interesting for the support) depending on the sound input. But i don't know what it might say to me... If i switch the Computer to the internal Speaker it works fine (but still the error list is getting bigger and bigger) and the internal or external (BT-Headset-) mic of the PC could be used to.

    It is wanted from MA themselve. No MA2 Parameters or prgramming (by MA3-Wing-Hardware) anymore if you choose to buy 'only' a MA3 Wing. Even the onPC XT Wing won't be able to use it fpr MA2.

    The MA3 onPC Nodes will give us half of the 'normal' parameters. But the Wing says 'no'. Maybe it is to complicated to use the motorized faders or whatever - or they just decided to have the onPC Users to the new system...

    Oh, i'm interested in similar topics. Hopefully my writng is not to much off-topic now...

    I've got some older NUCs with i5 and MA3 on PC said: NO! But that's ok sofar.

    But as i want to invest in MA3 onPC soon: What might really be inside the onPC XT? It has 4 Monitor Outputs! But it is highly recommended to use only Dispplays with real DisplayPort-Inputs what is not 'standard' right now... And they say, that you should never use DP to HDMI Adapters - really?

    And is the XT Wing really based on a Windows PC? So is it possibel to install more Software on it or ist it 'closed' for other Software?

    I'm just thinking if i should by an XT Wing or build my own system with my 'old' 2014 Mac i7 (16GB Ram but Intel onBoard Video-Card) and what kind of smallformat PC should i have to look for if the Mac won't be good enough for another 5 Years perhaps?

    I like the NUCs very much. But most of them have only the onboard Intel grafic-card. But is there any miniPC out there which will satisfy the needs of a MA3 onPC user likely as much as the onPC Wing XT? Because the price is really 'hot' if i choose the XT... and is there so much 'need' to have this system?

    Or can i better buy a Wing and a PC and a 2K-Node (for 4096 Par) and will have a very good and stable and powerful compact system to? Oh, i want a system that is really for use on the road to. Not only as a fixed installation on a beautiful island like Amrum. ;)

    But i will need a case anyway. But should i plan to build a small PC (+ Wing, etc) in it or should i better only plan to put an XT Wing (and Monitor etc.) in it?

    Because i will be more flexible with an external PC, but the system might be more powerful (and reliable) if it is from MA... But i can still not really understand why the price is that high when there seems to be nothing more than an about 1000 Euro PC (and 2048 Parameters) added to the wing... is the price more 'MA-politically interested' or is it really worth that?

    So, here's a piece of an answer to my own question:

    I decided to buy a onPC-wing (not XT) and a 2k-onPC-Node. With that, i will be more flexible in the future.

    But there is stil the question what PC will fit my (and MA3's) needs in the future? I found a small Gigabyte Brix PC with a dedicated Grafic-Card and a i7 6th Generation CPU. The NUCs are good, but they have not really good grafic-cards in them.

    But would a PC with a GTX 950 and 4GB of VRam good enough even for the future or should i better take the one with i7 7th Gen. and the GTX 1060 with 6GB of Ram? Or might that be a little bit "oversized" for MA3 onPC Software?

    Does anyone know what hardware (CPU and Grafic-Card) is in the real Consoles or in the XT?

    Where did You get theese IP-Adresse from? Normally these in 169.x.x.x are there, when there is no IP-Adress configured or no DHCP in the Network. Did You try manually with 192.x.x.x IP-Adresses?

    And don't forget the correct Subnet in 192-Networks must be:

    So e.g. ist Your Mac and the Node ist Maybe that solves Your problem 'automatically'...

    And remember: The first three 'digitparts' (i don't know how i translate that form German in correct technical english) must be the same in 192-Networks! If you're working in ArtNet-IPs, then you can use 2.x.x.x and the SubNet-Mask is what means only the first digit has to be the same on all adresses. So and will work together.

    Soryy, i'm not very familiar in MA2/3 at present. I'm still learning (i worked with Chamsys). But i know a lot about networking...