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    Oh, the VizKey, is an USB Box which should be plugged in to USB 3 port (otherwise (USB 2) it didn't work in the past) and is really there to feel like you are having rather unlimited Parameters when connected to one of the famous visualizers like Capture or Wysiwyg.

    And in Addition you get some real 512 Parameters to be outputted. So this is now the cheapest way to get some Data out of MA3.

    I think it costs about 650 Euro regular pricing. But you need an ArtNetNode or similar too, because the VizKey has no output itself. It has only the USB Connection to a PC.

    Oh, I already have one, but I didn't need it so far because I still have no Vis (Capture) available. So if someone wants to test it, write me a message. Im based in northern Germany.

    You just have to try. In V 1.5 the reading of Text was improved and you can read it in any screen resolution.

    And else you can change the Scale of the Working Windows of MA3. So I think you must play around yourself to find your own best solution.

    Oh, I was in Contact with SuaK too and found a similar workaround. But the Fixture has a white LED and a ColorWheel and it has a UV LED in addition. And I only can do it similar to the way you did (I made a new Emitter in White and changed the Emitter in the DMX Modes to that White One). But then there is no way to see the UV LED again...

    And the other Problem of Tino (SuaK) is, that the fixture just seem to do the right moves in the Phaser. But in reality the fixture is turned 90°. But he will check if there is just a configuration problem...

    Oh, thanks a lot Andreas !

    I think this would really help and I'll try out if that would be a Solution for a "small desk". :)

    ...and now You're making me hungry about writing a good macro: When I run your Macro then a Window opens and let me choose the resolution for my Pan and Tilt encoders. That's very good! But is there a way to preselect the resolution to? So that I have one Macro for Coarse and one for Fine Resolution? I tried with "3" or just 3 at the end, but that didn't work...

    To be really egoistic: As it is often difficult to me to explain technical behaviour of my MA3 Systemj in english, I would kindly ask, if there are any other ways to be connected to other users who are using MA3 in Germany.

    Maybe there is a discord server or are there any plans to implement a german area here like in the Dot2 Forum?


    has anyone an idea how I can use the Fine or ultrafine Channels with the onScreen Encoders when I don't have a Console or a Command Wing at my hands?

    I tried to set the readout to Dec16 etc, but the Pan and Tilt of my Fixtures still "run" very fast and it seems impossible to give them an exact position without real encoders.

    But did I miss something? Is there a way to have better controlling of the fine channels - which is mostly the outer Wing of the Hardware Encoders?

    So my idea is, to build up a "smaller" System with just a FaderWing and a TouchscreenPC that can be connected in bigger shows to my Command Wing to have 20 PB-Faders (and the Buttons and Knobs) then instead of 10.

    But when the "small System" is not having a real usability due to the missing onscreen encoder function, then it doesn't make sense to build up such a system...:rolleyes:

    Yes, You can work with TC over ArtNet and in the newest Version 1.5.x You can use TC via Midi-Software and I found some TC Software Tools to convert from Midi to ArtNet and vice versa. But You might not need them anymore.

    I worked with Reaper and MA3 very well (in the former 1.5.x Versions and with the help of the Tools). But have a look at the Videos (e.g. on YT) about MA3 and Timecode to know what exactly you need to work with TC and MA3.

    I think You should know what a Group Master is, first.

    It seemes to me, that You think, that a Group Master (GM) will affect the Output will change the Date in the Cues. That is not what it is for.

    The GroupMaster is like a Grand Master and is reducing (or increasing) the (Dim-)Levels of a group of Lamps regardless of what the Lamps are getting from the Programmer or the Cues.

    So if YOu have Dimmer in the Cue (or Executor-Fader) set to full, then the lamp will only be fully turned on, when the desired Group Master is at Full to. Otherwise the GM will reduce the Output of the Dimmer Channel.

    I hope I explained that right... Otherwise maybe you take a look in the manual...

    But as I am writing here: I have a Problem with GMs.

    I have a "chinese Lamp" which is similar to the Clay-Paky B.Eye (ETEC - Mini-Eye 7 (with only 7 RGBW Lenses instead of 19 or more)) and I don't know what I have could done wrong - but my Group Master won't work with them. They have a real Dimmer and I want to store different Dimmer Acttions (e.g. Sound to Light, Fades, Tapped Chasers,..) with the inbuilt Dimmer and want a Second "over-all-Dimmer" who will reduce the Brightness regardless of what is programmed in my cues (or in the programmer). So I declared one Executer Fader as the GM of my B.Eyes, but it does absolutely nothing. The Lamps are always "full on" if I programm them or giving them a signal from a Cue.

    And I've checked the Programmer window and the DMX Table as well.

    Should I choose another kind of Master or might there be a big issue in my Headfile?

    How can it come up, that a GM won't have any effect on my Output?

    Oh, finde ich auch cool was Ihr da macht!

    Bin zwar selber auch DJ, aber hab jetzt auch mehr so von 0 (bzw. Chamsys) auf MA3 umgestellt und bin doch mehr an "Lichtgestalten" interessiert und auch an einem regen auch sehr gern deutsch sprachigen Austausch um weiter zu lernen oder auch zu helfen.

    Mittlerweile bin ich in den Grundfunktionen recht fit auf MA3, suche aber auch nach "Inspiration" was und wie man sich so ein schönes Grund-Setup programmiert.

    Ich finde da ein offenes Geben und Nehmen sehr angenehm und werde mal sehen ob ich mich bei Eurem Discord-Server anschließen kann (Discord ist noch sehr neu für mich...).

    Oh, Parameter-Count! The big mystery on MA for Newbies... :)

    But there at the Coarse Params Column I can only see how many Parameters per Universe I used. Do I have to add them to get the real parameter count that is used füor my kind of license/hardware (so max of 4096 P. for onPC)?

    And is it true, that if I have e.g. 4096 possible Parameters (for onPC usage) and I start to adress from 1.1 on forward, that the first about 8 Universes (4096 / 512 =about 8 Universes) will be used to get DMX-Data from them so I should use Universe 10 (or 11 or above - depending on the amount of 16 or 24 Bit Channels I use...) and above (because of a Parameter is NOT similar to a DMX Channel) for Lamps that are patched but not for use (e.g. to not forget the adress I used former)?

    I think you should search for any "automation" software who will press buttons for you. Else you won't have a chance to solve that.

    And I know what you mean very well. Because I had a NUC with a to small i5 as well before. But there is a tool available who will "do as if there is another CPU working". But this is not really recommended... It helped me to get an old AMD Processor working...

    Did You try to ping your console from the Reso PC? Did you try another Network Port on the console? IS there an Issue with DHCP perhaps? MAybe there is a DHCP in the system giving another IP to the console or the Node/Reso?

    Yes, that is th eonly way at present to make this work.

    You have to copy the (to be moved) cue to the desired position and then delete the old one. Just move or renumbering is not working at present. We will see what will work in V 1.5... :)

    Breaking News! Visit! They have a Timecode Converter from any TC to any TC. And they have a beta Version that is free until 1st July and they are looking for people who will test that!

    And they have a VST-Plugin to that will produce different TCs if You want.

    No, this is not an Advertisment - this is just a help for many of you since V 1.5 ist still not released - and we still don't know for sure if MTC via USB-Midi will work there...

    I hope many of You will love me for that inofrmation! I'm very happy that I have found such a great Tool! As far as I have tested it - the Beta now works fine of cause! :)

    It's difficult to understand what You mean - so if you store two different MA Tricks in the Pool (no. 1 and 2), you can only choose No1 and nothing happens if you choose No 2?

    And you are really shure, that you have stored something different in No 2? Did you try several times?

    Because this is something that should really work and most of the time the 'dumb' one is standing in front of the faders - that's what I have to see nearly every day on my experiences when working with MA3. :)

    Yes, I think maybe Yu first test if there is any other problem on the net - maybe you first try to ping the Hippo machine via a normal network PC or bring the two machines together a s near as possible to check if there is a connection problem - sometimes a simple cable problem can be the reason as well...

    But first the easiest thing would be to test if you can reach the Hippo via the "normal" network with a ping (the response time might give you more conclusion if there are latencies - maybe you compare to a "selfping" to have a reference...).