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    Hey Willie

    I found out ;)

    When you created the cue with your fixture in then:

    Select fixture 1 thru 6

    tap the dimmer or which parameterer your working with

    make shure the there is a active value in the programmer

    type fade 2 thru 8 store or update your cue

    i hope it make sense to you


    I have a problem with the learn button.
    I have a show with my main cue list on executer 1 which runs all intelligent lights. Then i have a executer with blinders on the fader there is a static cue and a cue with an effect ONLY with the blinders in. one of the buttons is set to learn so i can adjust the speed for the blinder effect. but the learn button affects all effect on all executers.

    I have tried to change the learn button and then used the speed button instead, but with the same result.

    First time have this problem and i think it came with the 1.2 software.

    Hello guys.
    nice with new features in the 1.2 version
    I still got some very big wishes wich i hope will be added i the near future ;)

    - Select the main Go+ / Go- button for all executers
    - individual fade times for each fixture in a cue (split times)
    - option to turn off exec time at an executer
    - a channel output test where you can patch directly from
    - more speed faders

    An option to turn "exec time" and "program time" OFF for single executers would be great. Like we can do it with speed and ratemaster now.

    An effect preset to store effects and an option to edit stored effects is something i needs a lot.

    use select button on all executers