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    Yeah.. I mean that makes sense.. I open the touch config and my options are "Assign DP - 2 touchscreens" "Assign DP - 0 touchscreens" and "Assign eDP touchscreen". I actively have 3 screens plugged in and all have content displaying on them... I guess I just don't understand how to configure this?

    Did anyone else have their screens misidentify after updating? I didn't change locations of cables on the desk but when I touch screen 1, add window/pools pop up on screen 2, when I touch screen 2, commands appear on screen 4, and when I touch screen 4, commands respond on screen 1. Using a light CRV.

    Should the number pad on the top of the desk work in the step creator menu or just the pullout keyboard numbers. If this is a carry over from MA2, can someone explain to me why the keyboard numbers are what we have to use? Is there added benefits somewhere I'm missing by using the keyboard?


    Hey! I was wondering what everyone else is doing. I see that the MA3 fixture library on FixtureShare is pretty slim. Is everyone just building their own fixtures or importing existing show files from Mode2? I'm starting out from scratch as we're switching from ETC.